The New Sun Back Issues

Issue 95

Hellbent for Berries: Worth Every Battle by Lese Dunton

Constant Comedy Once upon a time in 1989, when cable was new and networks were few, media executives Art Bell and Vinnie Favale started the Comedy Channel, which later became the famous Comedy Central.

Sensitive is the New Strong, a book excerpt by Anita Moorjani.

"...Eventually, I reached a point in this transcendent state where I had to make a choice: do I come back to this physical body or do I continue on to this other realm? At first, not one single fiber in my being wanted to come back. Why would I want to leave this amazing space?"

Issue 94

A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal about Life and Beyond. A book excerpt by Dr. Bruce Greyson.
John Wren-Lewis was poisoned by a would-be thief on a bus traveling across Thailand with his wife, Ann Faraday. After a while, Ann noticed with alarm that John was blue around the lips and she couldn't feel his pulse. She managed to get them a ride to a nearby hospital.

Spirit v. Religion by Ben Bryant.
I intend no disrespect for anyone's belief system. I simply want to tell you about mine.

HOPE: A song for the times by Perfect Strangers. Endorsed by Michael Douglas, Julian Lennon, and more.

3rd Graders in the Days of Covid. Upside/Downside.

Throughout the pandemic, Paulina Butterfly's music has brought great joy and healing to everyone in New York City's Strawberry Fields. She was featured on a BBC news segment too!

Droopping the Struggle. A book excerpt by Roger Housden. Find your purpose and your meaning will follow.

Imagine the Future. Teenage climate activist Ms. Xiye Bastida shows us a positive future that we really can have. "Despair is not an option. We must rise up. We must meet our greatest challenge with stuborn optimism, and imagining is the first step." This immersive 3-min video reveals the many delights ahead.

Issue 93

It's Alright by Jon Simonds.Come on people now, Smile on your brother, We're in this together, Got to help one another

What Happened to the Dream? by Jon Simonds. We know they're here and they come from places with names like Yemen and Iraq, Somali and Haiti; Vietnam and Cambodia and Costa Rica and Mexico. We see them in places like Los Angeles and Chicago and Portland and New York where Trump is from...

Ant-Man and the Wasp. It's uplifting, action-packed, and delightful. Michael Douglas anchors the whole film perfectly with wonderful warmth, and his comedic timing is brilliant.

Women Rule:
Find out what Prince Harry, Michael Moore, Warren Buffet and others really think of women. (It's all good.)

Big Love, by Scott Stabile. A book excerpt. Beyond everything else, growth requires dedication. Healing demands commitment. No number of books or podcasts or workshops will make a difference if we're not committed to healing ourselves. And when we open ourselves to look at our pain for real, our pain will present itself. For real.

The Basically Brooklyn Series by Jon Simonds. I am white and will not apologize for the actions of those who purchased slaves from the slave traders of a dark continent because I know no slaves. There is no one I can apologize to because those moments are moments past and this is the moment that matters.

New York City's Center for Faith and Community Partnerships is connecting helpful people with those who need help.

Issue 93

Ebru's Soup, by Irwin J. Goldman. Better than a therapist, Better than a session of yoga.

New York City's Center for Faith and Community Partnerships is connecting helpful people with those who need help.

Black Lives Matter. The Basically Brooklyn Series, by Jon Simonds. The Black Lives Matter movement has it all wrong. It isn't the police (many of whom are black) who are the enemy, but the legislators who draw up laws, such as the Florida Legislation drew up and adopted a decade ago. The Statute 776.013 (3) signed into law in 2005 is more widely referred to as the Stand Your Ground Law.

Movie Review: Newtown. Usually I shy away from movies that have anything to do with guns and tragic consequences...

Seasons of Gandhi by Victoria Barkley. Crossing the street at Union Square, I caught a glimmer of white out of the corner of my eye. This sliver of light was so serendipitous that I almost missed it.

Movie Review: 8 Days a Week by Lese Dunton. Watching the Beatles' concerts and life on the big screen, I was completely uplifted by their enthusiasm and humor.

Issue 92

Archie Bunker for President, by Jon Simonds. Watching news channels these days offers an interesting parody on life. On the one hand, you have news anchors urging viewers to stand up to bullying and then you have Donald Trump illustrating the classic schoolyard bully, pummeling everyone from his own party to she who sits atop the other party.

Animal Nature. An encore presentation of Victoria Barkley's classic column. "You have a very special bond with nature and animals," Mrs. J. revealed, holding both of my hands, palms up, with a spooky look in her eyes. I could relate to that, although I became unnerved by her stare and was plotting a quick escape. To throw her off the scent of my intent, I flashed a hint of a smile in her direction..."

Elephant Towns The biggest Elephant Festival the world has ever seen! By Jon Simonds.

Eagle Huntress. A movie review by Lese Dunton. "In this film a 13-year-old girl named Aisholpan is determined to be an eagle huntress, even though the tradition has always been for boys and their fathers."

Issue 91

Ebu's Cake. A poem about chocolate cake with coconut flakes, by Irwin Goldman.

Redefining Life. In Utrecht, Netherlands they are aiming to address this problem with something called UBI, a theory redefining life as we have come to know it.

WINNERS of the 20th Annual BOOKS FOR A BETTER LIFE AWARDS Ceremony held in 2016 with Mistress of Ceremonies Meredith Vieira. Winners include Gloria Steinem and Hall of Fame Honoree Marianne Williamson.

Seeking Jordan. If you have lost someone you deeply love, or have become strongly aware of your mortality, it's hard to avoid wondering about life after death, the existence of God, notions of heaven and hell, and why we are here in the first place.

Issue 90

It's Ironic, Don't Ya Think? It's nearly twenty years since legendary rapper Tupac Shakur left a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas. Immediately following his departure, Shakur and company were stuck at a red light on the Vegas Strip. By Jon Simonds.

Expect the Unexpected. A book excerpt from author Bill Philipps. "...The spirits often 'speak' at once, throwing images or words at me, one after another, as they try to direct me to their loved ones..."

Sunrise Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe and Gratitude, photography by Kim Weiss with deep thoughts from a variety of people. "Our days begin and end the same way, with the rising and setting of the sun. Sometimes brilliant and intense, other times subdued and shrouded in clouds, like life itself - the perspective may change even when the vantage point does not..."

Issue 89
The Greatest Show on Earth, by Jon Simonds. "The most twisted version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves has thankfully packed their bags and headed down the pike...Donald Trump in his Academy-worthy portrayal as Grumpy promising to make "America Great Again," is banking on carrying this monumental tune all the way..."

David Bowie: A Light Shining Through. We've lost another hero though his voice will never be silent.

Issue 79
The Wiley Fox and Crazy Wabbit, by Jon Simonds. Unbeknownst to many, Bernie Sanders has something in common with Bugs Bunny.

Guilt, by Rita Heap. It's a feeling we are to take responsibility for another's misery

Reflections on Love, Loss, and What Really Matters, poetry by Kirk Douglas.

Waiting for Elizabeth, Lowell Harris' review of Ben Bryant's new book.

Issue 78
Slow as a Dog, by Jon Simonds. "I probably should have had him on a leash. I don't know why we're in such a hurry. We should just slow down and enjoy the scenery. We're all getting off at the same exit, anyway..."

Michael Douglas in the LA Times: "A half-century after I defended the Jewish people, I had to defend my son." Read his editorial.

Facebook Knows Best, by Jon Simonds. "While he survived his midlife crisis with little if any damage, he is currently going through a major identity crisis."

Circumstances Beyond My Control, Jess Waid reviews Ben Bryant's "Book 2."

Annual "Books for a Better Life Awards". Hosted by Meredith Viera in New York City. Raises Money for Multiple Sclerosis Society. Find out the authors who won!

Issue 77
Ours is a Unique Nation, by Jon Simonds. "...the freedom that is our beacon of light burning brightly for the entire world to see...yet, throughout our history, there have been times when we..."

In Honor of Mario Cuomo. An interview with the late Governor of New York, by Lese Dunton.

A Woman with a Past, by Jon Simonds. No single recording artist better captured the hopes and dreams of a generation than Melanie Safka. Her career began on a rain-soaked stage at Woodstock during a time of great social upheaval. "I was terrified," she says.

Issue 76
NY Tech Meetup Rocks with the Mayor. Bill De Blasio announces city's first Chief Technology Officer - a woman! Jessica Lawrence and Nate Westheimer lead 10th year of hugely popular meetup.

Plant Extracts Can Work With or Without Chemo. Scientist helped president of France regain health. Daughter Sylvie Beljanksi brings his discoveries to America.

The Wonders of Life. The Basically Brooklyn Series by Jon Simonds. Henry David Thoreau might have summed it up best when he wrote about leading "lives of quiet desperation," but the world is a garden vast and full of wonders, many of which escape our scope of understanding.

A Morning Conversation, a poem by Irwin J. Goldman.

Anita was serving tea on a small balcony.
It's now or never, she told me,
If you want heaven and seek it...continued.

Issue 75
Interview with Dr. C. Norman Shealy Using oil on acupuncture points improves health and longevity.

And So It Goes. In addition to a magnificent cast, the film beautifully portrays the two best things about being alive: love and humor.

Parenting from the Past by Jon Simonds. Any self-respecting parent knows the answer to every question in the world is: "That's a good question. Let's look it up on the Internet."

Issue 74
Circumstances Beyond My Control by Ben Bryant. I'm aware that I may lose some readers with this confessional but I said in my preface that this was going to be an honest book and this stuff is important to me.

Sacred Sound by Alanna Kaivalya. "I was born with a hearing impairment that gave me a unique relationship to sound. As a child, I would feel sound, vibration, tone, and intonation in order to more fully access my world."

A Rat and a Croc by Jon Simonds. There was something amiss in the Universe last week as forces beyond comprehension finally settled an argument between two major metropolitan regions. The rat, of course, had no way of knowing this. He was simply trying to get back to Brooklyn.

The Butterfly Transformation. An excerpt from a book by Robert Moss. You can't stay a worm, if you want to become a butterfly. You are obliged to drop old attachments and expectations and let your old identity be broken down in the mush as a new identity emerges.

Issue 73
An Excerpt from The Last Frontier, by Julia Assante. ...Reportedly, Thomas Edison was working on a telephone to bridge the gap between this life and the next before he died...

The 2014 "Books for a Better Life" Ceremony Announces 2013 Winners. The 18th annual awards were announced in New York City with host Meredith Vieira.

Teacher of Poetry, a poem by Irwin Goldman.
The human headlong race stops for me
When I see
Our teacher
Envelop her flock of poets...

Shaping the Lives that Shape the World: Helping Artists in the Dominican Republic, by Franklin West. Mz. B, Kevin Iega Jeff and many others are uniting to help emerging artists on their creative journey into the future. Mr. West tells the story of success.

Painting in My Father's Garden, by Daisy Cockburn (daughter of the late Alexander Cockburn). "...At first, wandering through the spaces that my father had created - and so emphatically inhabited - was a bewildering experience. How could this place continue to exist without him, since it seemed to me that it was him, in every detail..."

Issue 72
Thanks to Talkettes Funders. The New Sun is developing a new invention. Soundbites for all. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign did well, thanks to these generous people.

Rod Stewart Tours USA & Canada. Find out where he's playing next. And...what are his favorite songs on the the tour? Does he have any fashion regrets?

From the Pen of Franklin West. An excerpt from the play, Gods and Prophets.

The Magic of Silent Night, by Jon Simonds. Written on Christmas Eve nearly 200 years ago, the song Silent Night began as little more than a poem, penned by Josef Mohr. This fascinating historic article offers a 65-second video summary as well.

Issue 71

Women Rule. Find out what Tom Brokaw, the Dalai Lama, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Governor Mario Cuomo, and Warren Buffett really think of women.

Education Warriors by Jon Simonds. Education is the single most powerful tool an individual can arm oneself with on this long, mysterious journey of life.

Lese Dunton talks with Dr. Bradley Nelson about his energy medicine work. The Body Code is a technique, book, and course that anyone can easily study.

A Short Interview with Robert Redford by Lese Dunton. One question asked at press conference.

Anita on My Birthday. From a Collection of Poems by Irwin Goldman.

"...As real as
Last winter's snowflake
In tomorrow's backyard..."

Ben Bryant's book: Three Stages reviewed by Rick Skye. "...What at first appears to be a straightforward show biz autobiography is transformed by these qualities - charm, a poetic way with a turn of phrase and simple honesty - into a non-fiction novel about a way of life in an America that no longer exists."

Issue 70
An Interview With Daisy Cockburn by Lese Dunton. Daughter of the late Alexander Cockburn, Ms. Daisy reveals her work with the Alexander Technique. "...It is a fantastic tool for healing as it teaches, in practical terms, a compassionate approach to self and others, and encourages expansion in body and mind..."

Miracles Do Happen by Larry Heisler. "...It's usually by thinking outward that Grace Happens...I remember my teacher, the great meditation master Hilda Charlton, telling us repeatedly that those who devote their lives to serving and uplifting others will receive wonder and grace..."

Washington Leaks: Marijuana Solvency (The Basically Brooklyn Series) by Jon Simonds. "...Inside of a year this company's stock will be as huge as Apple and the best part of it is - it's owned by the US Government. Can you say, Surplus again?"

Issue 69
Books for a Better Life Awards, March, 2013 in New York City. Hosted by television personality Meredith Vieira, the evening also inducted George Slowik, Jr., president of Publishers Weekly and Gail Sheehy, speaker and best-selling author of 16 books, into its Hall of Fame.

Letters by Jon Simonds. "Remember when we used to write letters? I'd come home from school, drop my books on the kitchen table and race downstairs to the mailbox. The big turn of a little key opened the door on a handful of mail..."

The Wizard of Us by Jean Houston. A book excerpt. "......Every step along the Yellow Brick Road is paved with Dorothy's inner strength, spirit of love, and compassion for others."

Issue 68
What is Mind? by Rita Heap. What is mind anyway? In what part of the body does it dwell? Is it this illusive entity that attaches itself to a being, and convinces the being that without mind they could not exist?

Intuition, Inspiration and Angelic Guidance by BelindaGrace. Feeling inspired about your life is quite possibly the most important ingredient for happiness and success in all its available forms.

Experience the Poignant Beauty of Life by Swamini Sri Lalitambika Devi. The story of the mind knows no end.... it seems that the simple purpose of the mind may be to make sense of the world as we experience it. To tell the story of our life.

Issue 67
Books for a Better Life Awards Ceremony: 2012 Winners Announced at annual event in New York City.

Compassion Stronger Than Hatred, an excerpt from the book Forgiving the Unforgivable by Master Charles Cannon, one of the surviors of a terrorist attack.

A Bicycle Story By Richard Irving. A smallish studio and a full-size bicycle are an awkward fit.

Electronic Communicator An interview with Rosemary Ellen Guiley who is the co-author, with radio host George Noory, of a book called Talking to the Dead. It explores Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), which means unknown voices captured on tape or digital recordings.

Shen Yun by Betty Wang. Classical Chinese dance is still mostly unfamiliar to the West. But that is quickly changing.

Healing Power of Performing Arts by Dr. Jinduan Yang. The history of performing arts is as old as the history of human beings. It is simply because performing arts activities—singing, dancing, painting, playing musical instruments, and composing—are an integral part of human life.

I'm Going to Run by Basically Brooklyn's Jon Simonds. Big announcement: Jon has decided to seek the Office of the President.

Dolphin Dreams by Rosemary Christle-Renaud. My sister, Rhonda, has Multiple Myeloma. During her five year struggle with this cancer she has been my inspiration; not only because Rhonda remains positive, but more importantly, she has led me in a new direction spiritually.

Issue 66
I Believe in Facebook by Kathe Kokolias. I admit it: I'm an old-fashioned kind of gal. Slowly and reluctantly, I embraced computer technology; it wore me down like a persistent lover who would not go away...

Happy Job-Hunting by Jon Simonds. "...Most important of all, don't give up because if you do, it's not job-hunting you're giving up on - it's you and regardless of your situation take stock of those around you. I'm sure there's at least one person who won't give up on you."

The Neck Connection, a new book by Dr. Mosaraf Ali. "...An impressive variety of people believe in Dr. Mosaraf Ali and his healing skills. His grateful, smiling patients include villagers at his free clinic in the Himalayas; Prince Charles, Morgan Freeman, Tico Torres of Bon Jovi; guests at his London and Tuscany health centers, and thousands of others..."

Issue 65
The Time for Second Thoughts, by Richard Irving. "I was vacationing in Florida when my brother's text message appeared...."

The Medium Next Door. An Interview with Maureen Hancock by Lese Dunton.

Discover the Gift, a new book - and movement.

Issue 64
Manny, by Jon Simonds. Manny Ramirez didn't retire from baseball so much as he quit, walked away, took a wrong turn into ....

Something's Going Around, by Richard Irving. Recently I was bedridden for several days with mild flu-like symptoms. "Something's going around," said my neighbor, without missing a beat...

Issue 63
Community Supported Agriculture Keeps Growing: Annual Conference Unites Farmers and City Folk, by Lesley Collins New Yorkers were lucky to learn more about fresh local farm food just for them at Just Food's "11th Annual CSA in NYC Conference."

Blend of Care at Hospital Improves Patients, by Lese Dunton. Thanks to designer Donna Karan's wisdom and funding, plus two doctors and their colleagues from Beth Israel Hospital, patients in a cancer ward got some holistic medicine.

Books for a Better Life Awards in New York: Scott Manning's Annual Ceremoney Brings Joy to All.

Healing the World with Sound by Jonathan Goldman. The idea of using sound to "heal" the world at first seems quite strange. The idea of using sound to heal anything in fact, seems quite outlandish. That is, until you begin to explore the possibilities - the mysticism and the science behind this notion.

An Interview with children's book author and greeting card star, Sandra Boynton.

Chanting with Krishna Das, by Victoria Barkley. The joys of neighborood Kirtan with a master.

New World Trade Center Site Looking Good by Lese Dunton.

Dalai Lama Renaissance, a film review by Victoria Barkley.

Issue 62
Hole Mole! Check out these deep and delightful comic strips by Rick Hotten.

An interview with sound healing expert Jonathan Goldman, by Lese Dunton. His book The Divine Name has won the 2011 COVR Visionary Awards for Best "Alternative Health / Healing" Book.

An interview with Dr. Ranjie Singh, president of 7th Dimension Health, by Lese Dunton.

Old-Fashioned Fundraising for Schools, by Jon Simonds. If your school is one of the many schools without an abundance of cash on hand for extra curricular activities then it may be time to gear up for a good old-fashioned carnival.

Of Things Seen and Unseen by Alexie Torres Fleming. This essay excerpt is from the book, What We See, a collection of stories honoring renowned city and community builder, Jane Jacobs.

Trusting the Path, an essay by visionary artist Orna Ben Shoshan. "...The most successful people are the ones who acquire a healthy power of adaptivity. They go through life calm and confident that however their circumstances may develop, they will be able to cope and see every change as an opportunity to grow...."

The Magic of Christmas Eve, by Jon Simonds. Written on Christmas Eve nearly 200 years ago, Silent Night continues its reign as a holiday sensation all across the world with every generation.

Holiday Gifts for Jewish Elementary School Teachers, by Jon Simonds. Your child probably learns more about life in those early elementary years than any place else in life. So, what do you get his or her teacher for that big old Christmas party?

Issue 61
Love American Style by Jon Simonds. All about the two most important insurance policies you will ever buy.

Robert Young Visits the Edgar Cayce Center by Victoria Barkley. "...he was free to lift into a multi-dimensional reality where he was fully aware of being loved and looked after by a benevolent universe."

Seedlings by Gina Green.

Issue 60
In Memory of George Sisler by Jon Simonds. "In 1915 the St. Louis Browns introduced a rookie first baseman/pitcher by the name of George Sisler...."

Spiritual Side of Healing by Adam Scherr. "...People turn to prayer-based healing for consistent and effective results in maintaining their health, and this care should be included in any legislation."

The Fighter by Gina Greene. "...the belt I wanted was invisible."

New Realities Film Festival reviewed by Victoria Barkley. "...featured documentaries, animations and narratives, focusing on mind, body and spirit."

Heaven Help Us, by Jon Simonds on Florida legislation. "...The removal of such literature effectively does away with the separation of Church and State"

Issue 59
The Butterfly Circus a wonderful short film reviewed by Victoria Barkley.

A book excerpt from Passings, by Carole A. Travis-Henikoff. "...Do call the family. The call should be brief, unless the party expresses a need to talk. Don't worry about what to say. Simply call, announce yourself and say, 'I heard the sad news, I'm so sorry.' The rest of the conversation will take care of itself..."

An Interview with Jesse Felten by Lese Dunton. Young hockey star from the Brooklyn A's talks about his love of ice.

Living Room Theatre by Jon Simonds. The spotlight goes to children and caregivers.

Books for a Better Life Awards by Lese Dunton. Coverage of the 2010 annual ceremony, hosted by Robin Roberts, co-anchor of ABC News' "Good Morning America."

Paging Dr. "Aloof" by Dr. Margaret Lewin. How to get more quality time with your doc.

Lighting Their Fires A book excerpt about motivating kids.

Issue 58

The History of Treadmills and Ellipticals, by Robert Braun

The Internal Revenue Service, by Jon Simonds.

Your Boss by Their Sign - Astro Insights.

Yo Cupid. Leave Me Alone, Jon Simonds.

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, a movie review by Victoria Barkley.

Christmas Passes On, by Jon Simonds.

Avatar, a movie review by Victoria Barkley.

Issue 57

What Crisis? The American economy is about to see an immediate resurgence... by Jon Simonds.

Tag, You're It!
The art of registering compliments. By Victoria Barkley.

Save My Country, Part 2. The Basically Brooklyn Series, by Jon Simonds. "...It's time to put Hawaii and Alaska on Ebay; I spoke to a source at the Chinese Embassy in New York who said, on the condition of anonymity that..."

Two movie reivews by Victoria Barkley: Youssou N'dour: I Bring What I Love and Departures.

The Celestial Elevator by Miriam Zigelman. "... The art world, especially the surreal, visionary and fantasy genres, suggest a glimpse into the vast range of possibilities that exist beyond normal human perception..."

Why I Love Kirstie Alley by Jon Simonds.

Issue 56
A Song and a Sign, by Victoria Barkley. A Father's Day surprise.

Premonitions: Making Money with the Mind. by Larry Dossey, M.D. "If people have the ability to sense the future, why aren't they rich?" This is one of the most frequent questions I've been asked by readers of my book The Power of Premonitions.

Negative Outcomes Into Positive Memories. An essay by 8th-grader Tiffany Marquez.

Turn On. by Pauline Yun. "When I step into an art-supply store, my whole body starts humming and I start to get heart palpitations."

Issue 55
Is Anybody There? A movie review by Victoria Barkley.

The New Organic Victory Garden, by Jay North. Now Even Big City Dwellers are Doing it in the Back Yard.

Who's To Say You're Not Lucky? by Coach Mim.

Happiness Not Hunger, The Basically Brooklyn Series, by Jon Simonds

Birthday Kirtan, by Victoria Barkley. "Open mic Kirtan at the Integral Yoga Institute fell on Lese's birthday this year. It was time to spontaneously celebrate."

Camp Waziyatah: Even Better Than Shopping, by Kaitlyn Simonds.

Real Soul Food, by Victoria Barkley. "When we feed another, we are the ones receiving nourishment."

Are You a Yellow or a Green? Luck Numbers, Luck Colors and Their Significance, by Itzhak Mizrahi

Issue 54
Newsbriefs: Pet Therapy Program...Starbucks Customers Break "Pay it Forward" Record...Health Benefits of Pizza...Yellow Submarine Seeks To Understand The Sea... Sam Waterston's Devotion to the Ocean...Pure Water Bottle Doesn't Clog Landfills...Yoga Without Borders.

Blue Sky July, by Nia Winn. Excerpt from her beautiful and very popular book about trying to help her little son. "...In the morning now, when I'm getting him dressed, we listen to Mozart, Joe and me. A site on the web says it's good for healing..."

The Gift, by Victoria Barkley. "Recently I woke up feeling peacefully joyful. With the fast fading remnants of a dream I could no longer hold onto, I remembered what True Love for me was all about..."

A Window Into Another Dimension, by Michal Zilberman. Orna Ben-Shoshan's visionary artwork is like "stepping into another world."

That's Entertainment! The Basically Brooklyn Series by Jon Simonds. "In the annals of great American personalities, perhaps the most widely recognizable of all is fellow Brooklynite, Bugs Bunny. Born in Flatbush, Brooklyn, on April 30th, 1938..."

Issue 53
God Lives at the Post Office. A 4-year-old girl named Meredith writes to God at the post office — and gets a letter back!

I Love Being a Parent by Jon Simonds. "...There is really nothing to prepare you for those post early years. Those post early years seem to begin at 11 and really get to rockin' at age 13..."

The Last Supper, my version of the famous painting, by Orna Ben-Shoshan. Many women, one man. Fascinating.

Barack Obama and the End of the Irony Age? by Maggie Roush. Ms. Rousch shares her wise insights on this shift in perception.

Coupons Are Cool, by Lese Dunton. A pleasant side effect of the present economic weirdness is the increase of coupons.

Hung up on Telephones, by Ariel Emery. Craig Dunton is an antique telephone collector extraordinaire.

Best Self-Improvement Books. The New York City Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society present the best self-improvement books of 2008 at the 13th Annual "Books for a Better Life Awards" at a ceremony at the Millennium Broadway Hotel.

Issue 52
Interview with George Harrison, by Lese Dunton. Every year this gets reprinted in honor of George's Pisces birthday. Originally appeared in the first New Sun print edition in 1990.

Save My Country, by Jon Simonds. "In the interest of stimulating the sinking economy, Kelly and I cashed our unemployment checks and went out drinking last night...."

Reader's Digest has launched this wonderful new section online called The Daily Upside. It's everything the name implies and more.

Masters of Happiness, by Mim Nelson-Gillett. "I love watching my dog, Bhakti, shake snow off his coat. It starts with his hind quarters and corkscrews forward vigorously. The last thing he does is shake his head and look up with bright eyes, pleased with himself and expecting (so it seems) all things good and happy."

I Wonder Who's Kissing Me Now? by Marilyn Sokel. "I love to kiss. I always have. Back in school they used to call me..."

Silver Sixpence in her Shoe, by Victoria Barkley. "'Mmmm. Hazelnut coffee,' she thought, as she followed her nose to the kitchen. And there he was, with coffee pot in hand and a big grin on his face. 'Do you know what today is?' he asked impishly, as he poured her a cup."

Issue 51
How Did We Get Here? A thought-provoking review of Oliver Stone's movie, W., by Maggie Roush.

Breakfast With Scot, by Victoria Barkley. "Basically, this film version of the Michael Downing novel is a heartwarming family story with a twist. Two professionally successful gay men — Eric, the sportscaster and former hockey player and Sam, the corporate lawyer, live a well adjusted life until their flamboyant 11 year old nephew moves in and shakes up their comfortably upper middle class existence."

Health in the City, by Lese Dunton. The health and well-being scene is thriving in New York City.

Letter to the Editor. Basically Brooklyn gets a note from a very famous and generous person.

That Old Third Week in January Feeling, by Lese Dunton

The White House, by Jon Simonds. "I couldn't help but wonder how it is the White House came by its name. While I've driven past the White House, I've never spent a night inside. In searching for the origin of its name, I was surprised to find that..."

Issue 50
Madama Butterfly. The fluttering excitement never ends.

Start Spreading the News. Could it be? Can't smoke in your own new apartment?

Cool Clear Water by Jon Simonds. The marketing of bottled water - and a solution.

Two movie reviews by Victoria Barkley: 1) Sex Drive: "...a manic mix of travel adventure, teen movie hoo-ha with lots of sex, booze and partying.." and 2) What Just Happened (starring Robert De Niro): " entertaining, fast paced, compassionately clever movie. "

Ms. Foundation Comedy Hour by Lese Dunton. Humor is a form of power, and Gloria Steinem is very funny.

Glory Days by Maggie Roush. A fast-growing type of Frisbee played in Central Park.

Issue 49
Columns by New York Mayor Bloomberg:
One Million Trees for a Greater, Greener New York.
Keynote Address at Environmental Leadership Conference.
Inspiring China.

Sting and Russell Simmons Join Spiritual CD, by Lese Dunton.

Living in the Sweet Spot, by Mimi Gina.

Basically Brooklyn by Jon Simonds. Somewhere North of the City.

An Interview with Dr. Kazuo Inamori, by Lese Dunton. "Dr. Inamori is an international business leader and backer of the Kyoto Prizes, who spends as much time elevating his mind and 'polishing his heart' as he does on expanding his hugely successful companies."

Stand up to the Illusion of Time, by Miriam Nelson-Gillett.

Issue 48
American Teen, a movie review by Victoria Barkley. This excitingly intimate Nanette Burstein documentary should carry a warning: Viewing this film may be hazardous to your hard won veneer of adult equanimity.

Flight of the Fireflies, by Michele Hollow. Have you noticed more glowing creatures around lately? You should see this little Malaysian village, where thousands of famous fireflies light up the night.

Children and a Green Rooftop, by Lese Dunton. Public School 6 in New York City is pioneering the use of green rooftops — for education, helping the environment, growing food, and for their beloved science teacher who died last year.

Issue 47
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, a review by Victoria Barkley. The Pevensie siblings return to Narnia for yet another adventure in this cinematic sequel to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe based on the classic children's books by C.S. Lewis.

View video of author Christine Frisbee on NY1 TV
Day by Day is a collection of first hand stories written by children and young adults who have been affected by a sibling with a serious illness. Often considered "the forgotten ones," they learn to embrace the challenges of their situation and transform into strong, spiritual, and caring people.

So Much More in Store: Samples For (Eco)mpassion is an enchanted sample sale store in Greenwich Village, New York, owned by Ike Rodriquez. You can generate any number of helpful deeds just by shopping for yourself. Trees planted, clean water provided, and...

Newsbriefs:Walden Pond Play Performed By Thousands Worldwide...DVD Saves Fire Chief From Stray Bullet...Complaint-Free Living Gains in Popularity...Virtual Snow World Helps Patients Feel No Pain.

Issue 46
A Message From Mom, by Victoria Barkley. A mother can always reach her daughter -- especially from Heaven.

Eat Your Vegetables, by Jon Simonds. "I have one lousy question," she says, stomping her foot in an effort to command attention and then hesitating, waiting for the sound of silence that follows, or, maybe wondering what brought her to this moment where all eyes fell in her direction...

The Fork, by Daniel Meltzer. This poem was read on American Public Radio and was chosen for inclusion in restaurant menus for National Poetry Month: Let us pause to consider the fork, Without which we'd finger our pork...

"The Best Job I Ever Had." Viola Vaughn had worked in Africa for most of her life and considered it home. So she and her husband returned there to raise their new brood and "watch the coconut trees grow." "But the universe had other things in mind for me," says Vaughn.

The Coming of Spring, a poem by Saikat Mondal. ...A lake nearby reflects the azure sky. As if a magician with his magic wand, In the depths of night touched, And Earth desolate, to a garden of paradise transformed...

Issue 45
Modern Day Alchemy by Dr. Dana Flavin. "...They told her to get her things in order. She came to me with her case. It was, for all of conventional medicine, hopeless. I decided to try a plant product as old as the Bible: Frankincense. It had shown some success in primary brain tumors and we had nothing to lose by testing this... "

A Tale of Two Bunnies by Victoria Barkley. "It was a few days before Easter — shortly after the memorial service, so my grief was still fresh and raw. "Let me focus on the task at hand," I thought, feeling another wave of sadness coming on. I was on a mission to find an Easter Bunny to donate to a local children's toy drive. "

A Peace of Hair by Jon Simonds. "40 years ago, in 1968, Hair graced the stage of Broadway and outraged a nation for its free use of foul language, its public display of nudity and its anti-war theme. It was a ground-breaking production that met with protest, bomb threats, hotel fires and other implements of terrorism, long before terrorism became a political tool."

New Urbanism. The husband-and-wife team of town planners Andrés Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk are typically credited as the founders of "new urbanism." It's a style of neighborhood that's pedestrian-friendly and full of green space — much like the old neighborhoods many baby-boomers remember before suburban sprawl made us all slaves to our cars.

Issue 44
What Have You Got To "Show For" Your life?, by Chris R. Edgar "At times, many of us experience the sinking sensation that we have nothing, or not enough, to 'show for' what we've thus far in our lives."

Look What They've Done To My Songs by Jon Simonds. "My love affair with music started in the back seat of a limo when I was five years old. No. I didn't come from money..."

Books for a Better Life Awards. The New York City Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society announced the best self-improvement books of 2007 at its 12th annual Books for a Better Life Awards, hosted by NBC's Today show Co-anchor Meredith Vieira.

Issue 43
C'mon, Can't You Take a Compliment? by Christopher R. Edgar. "Do you have trouble accepting compliments? I definitely did once. When someone said a kind word about me, I'd get bashful and downplay the aspect of my character or accomplishments they'd praised..."

Hillary, by Jon Simonds. "... Hillary Clinton, more so than any rival from any party, knows what she is getting herself into. She knows what the job entails and she is quite confident that she can do it..."

Animal Nature, by Victoria Barkley. "'You have a very special bond with nature and animals,'" Mrs. J. revealed, holding both of my hands, palms up, with a spooky look in her eyes. I could relate to that, although I became unnerved by her stare..."

Londoners and New Yorkers in the Same Boat, by Lese Dunton. UK Dating Service Offers NY'ers Free Membership.

Issue 42
Iowa. Jon Simonds writes, "...As someone who has spent the better part of his life in New York City, there isn't much else to say about Iowa. For example, nobody ever sings about Iowa..."

The Great River of LIfe. "...I was born in the worldwide flu epidemic of the early 1900s... " By N. Beatrice Worthy, as told to Karen Leahy.

Newsbriefs: Young Man and Friends Clean Up America's Rivers...Doorman's Secret to Winning Award: "I love people and they love me"...Green Jobs Are Plentiful...Coca-Cola Rolls Out Company's First-Ever Hybrid Delivery Trucks...A Goldie (Hawn) Opportunity to Change Thoughts...Turning a New Leaf and Digging Up Dirt With Bette Midler...Lennon's "Imagine Peace Tower" Shines in Iceland...Hillary Clinton Does Not Fear Death...Ramping Up Disability Awareness...Free Energy-Saving Light Bulbs for New York...U.S. Holistic Hospitals on the Rise...Subway Angels Rescue and Vanish.

Issue 41
McClueless or McFearless? A review of the Sean Penn movie, Into The Wild by Victoria Barkley.

The Big Bloom. A poem about the Mayor of New York, by Catherine J. Moore.

Darshan in the Dark Light of the Moon. "Hoping to experience a personal audience (called a Darshan) with the Mother, Ammachi, was what coaxed me out of my cozy home on this Friday the 13th. Getting to meet her, however, was a bit rough going...." By Victoria Barkley.

Cat Stevens, Osama, and Me. Jon Simonds gets thrown on the No-Fly List.

Love Never Dies. A workshop — featuring two top psychic mediums, John Holland and Lisa Williams — turned out to be a surprisingly different kind of event to attend in midtown Manhattan.

Hal the Magnificent. Bike-Riding Businessman Provides Capital for the Poor. By Lese Dunton.

Issue 40
Newsbriefs. Director Ingmar Bergman's Peaceful Passing and Wise Words...Richard Branson's Eco-friendly Adventures...Two-Year-Old From England Scores Genius Level IQ...Hero Waitress Pulls Woman from Potomac River...Hertz Offers Rent-a-Hybrid...One Million New Trees to Be Planted in New York City...It's Never Too Late: Actress in Her 90s Gets Discovered...Railway Worker from Poland Wakes Up From 19-year Coma to Find "The World is Prettier Now" Ex-Baptist Minister and Grandson Soothe People Online...Man Saves Stranger From Boston Trolley Tracks.

Ain't Life Grand? by Barry Napier. "Born in Swansea, a Welsh port-town bombed to bits by German warplanes, I enjoyed my early life. The town was a bomb-site for nearly 20 years after. Until the mid-1960's post-war Britain was still austere, but everything was possible. That's what my mother kept telling me..."

Instant Karma. It was 40 years ago this past June that the Beatles sang "All You Need is Love" on television. That anniversary, and the recent release of the CD Instant Karma, inspired Jon Simonds to reflect on the state of the world.

Green Roofs, Weeds and Wildflowers, by Victoria Barkley. "A garden on every available rooftop around the world is my heart's desire for Terra Gaia. So, last Earth Day, when Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced incentives for construction and installation of green rooftops in his greening of New York City by 2030 proposal, I jumped for joy."

Being Happy Anyway, a poem by Miriam Nelson-Gillett. "I don't have a good attitude, life hasn't turned out like I wished, I didn't have a happy childhood, but I am happy anyway..."

Energetic Mayor Flows with River, by Lese Dunton. With NY Mayor Bloomberg's help, six underwater turbines, anchored deep within the East River, use the water flow and tidal changes to create 1,000 kilowatt hours of clean electricity per day. It's the first time anyone has derived renewable energy from the natural flow of water.

Greeting Sunrise, by Victoria Barkley. "Summer was our favorite time of year and predawn hours our special time of day. We would scramble out of bed while it was still pitch black outside, grab our helmets and a thermos full of java, hop on the bike and..."

Modeling for Children, by Jon Simonds. One father's excellent adventure with his daughter's modeling mission. Find out how you can join the fun.

Arctic Tale, reviewed by Victoria Barkley. "In this rapidly paced world of ours — where we're running like gerbils on a treadmill or darting about like hummingbirds — it is great to step back, relax, sip a tall cup of iced tea and watch a family movie like Arctic Tale..."

"Never Let Go," an excerpt from Pip Colin Dixon's book In God's Garden.

Issue 39
Natural Blonde. Excerpts from Liz Smith's memoir, and the scoop on her upcoming website and novel, by Lese Dunton.

Sickday. One of the worst parts about getting sick is trying to get an appointment with a doctor quickly, or even worse, facing the dreaded, often nightmarish emergency room. Physician Associate, Naomi Friedman thought of a solution — old-fashioned house calls! Interviewed by Lese Dunton

Seasons of Gandhi by Victoria Barkley. "Crossing the street at Union Square, I caught a glimmer of white out of the corner of my eye. This sliver of light was so serendipitous that I almost missed it. It was a lily dangling from the hand of Gandhi's statue...."

Harnessing the Power of the Ocean. Environmental Q&A from Earthtalk.

Issue 38
Newsbriefs : Science Says Naps Are Good ...France Bucking Anti-Nap Trend...Girl Scout Cookies Free of Trans Fats, Almost...Gates Foundation and Canada Unite.. Bright Future for Cocoa...Alabama's Bald Eagle Population Soars...Merle Haggard Explores Greeen Energy... Man Wins $25,000 Lottery Two Days in a Row...Kevin Bacon Uses "6 Degrees" Fame for Charity...Harvard Study Shows Flowers in Home Enhance Mood (Big Surprise!)...NY Mayor Bloomberg's Philanthropic Generosity.

Wise Secrets of Aloha a book by Garnette Arledge on the Hawaiian healing practice called Lomilomi, reviewed by Victoria Barkley.

Sub-Talk. It's time for tinsel town to slip underground and nail down what should be the single greatest sitcom since the county of Queens brought us Edith and Archie. By Jon Simonds.

Global Nomads. Michael Douglas reveals, on ABC Television's "This Week with George Stephanoupolos," how high school students from around the world are talking with each other, thanks to a group called Global Nomads.

Wellie-Wanging. Take off your Wellington boot, then hurl it as far as it will go. That is Wellie Wanging. Want to try it? There's even a championship. No one would guess this "freestyle sport" was invented by the British, would they? By Barry Napier.

Issue 37
Surgery as Rite of Passage by Elizabeth Hepburn. Everyone should read this.

Come Fly With Me by Jon Simonds. A lesson in flying.

The American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame Awards. The power of advertising to do good.

The Joy of Johanna by Eugene Melino. A lovely Indy singer in NYC.

Songs of IBM (1941). Corporate singing to boost moral!


Issue 36
Help from France by Carol Silverander

Soul Level Relationships by Caroline Reynolds

Dalai Lama Comes To My Village by Garnette Arledge

Review of Better and Better DVD by Lese Dunton

Inspiration for Children's Book by Susan Lubner

Issue 35
The Coalition for OneVoice and Deepak Chopra's Alliance for a New Humanity presented an event called "Passion to Connect" in New York City. If you missed it, don't worry, there will many more events in the future.

A Cheese Shop in England. One business in Tetbury, England, determined to keep tradition alive is the local award-winning "House of Cheese" shop. By Barry Napier.

Time. A short story about seeing the whole continuum present in each moment. By Miriam Nelson-Gillett.

While Wrapping a Package. A poem about loss, memories, and inspiration anew. By Karen Leahy.

How to Ruin Your Life. Want to ride the road to workplace ruin? Have your ego do the driving. By Ellen Goldhar.

Issue 34
When a Loved One is Dying. How can you provide comfort, support and acceptance for your friend? By reading the following excerpts from a book by Garnette Arledge: On Angel's Eve.

Kristina Con Vita: Going it Alone Together. Two young women musicians have banded together to create a beautiful sound. By Eugene Melino.

A Quriky English Pastime. Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling & Wake competition has been held annually for hundreds of years, and goes back to pre-Roman days. By Barry Napier.

Deliciously English. Marlborough is a lovely small town in Wiltshire, England, described beautifully by Barry Napier.

Gator Aid? Former Brooklynite Jon Simonds reflects on the wildlife of Florida apartment living.

One Man's Answer to Terminal Cancer. American goes to Germany to save his life. By Ed. Van Overloop.

Newsbriefs: Wendy's Using Healthier Oil...Italian Resort Plans All-Female Beach for Muslim Women...Castro's Daughter Hired by CNN...Houston Rockets Center Opens Hospital in Congo...Needles With Decorations Reduce Fear... Disney Creates Environmentally Friendly Fireworks...Department of Peace Has 73 Co-Sponsors in the House of Representatives...Dave Matthews Band Fights Global Warming...Wind Boosts India in Renewable Energy... Brazil Unveils New Veggie-Diesel Fuel...Van Gough Portrait To Be Auctioned...New Woman President of Liberia...King of Jordan Urges Values That Unite Us.

More Newsbriefs: Monkeys Make Better Listeners...Bill Calls for Oil Industry to Invest in Renewable Fuels...New Law Promotes Hybrid Cars...Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Dept. of Peace... Wal-Mart Going Green...Yoga Seen Helpful to Breast Cancer Patients...U.K. Scientist Claims Egg Before Chicken... Maui Beach Named U.S. Best...New Orleans to Get New Internet Service...Islam Scholar Hails Singapore's Religious Diversity ...Selenium May Guard Against Prostate Cancer...Muslim Runs for Congress.

Issue 33
George Clooney Goes Back to J-School. Mr. Clooney addresses New York University's School of Journalism, by Nicole Lyn Pesce.

Mel Flannery: A Movable Feast. A rising talent on the New York City indy music scene profiled by Eugene Melino.

Marriage Proposals With Pizazz, by Margaret Bristol. There is a growing number of about-to-get-engaged guys who are upping the ante on the traditional proposal, doing more than getting down on one knee.

Issue 32
Being Ms. James Bond. A short story about role models, by Chloe Thomkins.

Court of the Popular Press. In 1789, Benjamin Franklin recommends harsh punishment for members of the press who attack a person's reputation, although he cautions, "we should in moderation content ourselves with tarring and feathering, and tossing them in a blanket."

Who Are The Greenest Celebrities? Entertainment luminaries who've been outspoken in their support of environmental causes and commitment to greener lifestyles.

Erin & Her Cello Making Us LaughAll by Her Lonesome, by Eugene Melino. It's not concertos you'll be hearing at The Telephone Bar in the heart of New York City's East Village, but a young songwriter who will make you laugh and break your heart with songs that tell the story of her life.

Newsbriefs: U.S. and China Collaborate on Environment...M&M's Offer Personal Messages...Seattle Residents Most Literate...Spirituality Program for Therapists.

Issue 31
Judy Collins donates the proceeds from her beautiful song "Saints and Angels."

Jewish Buddhism. Oy!

Menopause Confessions by Kathy Barrett. "Menopause hit me with the same intensity as Godzilla's tail demolishing Tokyo. You would think there would be some kind of warning..."

Beating Heart Meditation. Elizabeth Hepburn's "Come Home to Your Heart" column.

Newsbriefs: Bob Geldof honored as man of peace...Connecting with nature good for health...Norwegian law may open door for women...Wal-Mart goes solar to save energy...Sgt. Pepper wax figures sold at auction...Baltimore gives parking discounts for hybrids...Motherhood may enhance the brain...

Issue 30
Paris in the Palm of my Hand by Cynthia Pierce. "As a single woman, living in New York City about to turn, cough-cough, thirty, I wanted to treat myself to an unusual and memorable gift: I think I also wanted to challenge myself."

Buried Deep Within Our Souls. A look back on September 13, 2001, the birthday of Don Owens and his twin brother, two days after the twin towers were attacked.

Protecting Our Children. Jon Simonds offers heartfelt and sensible solutions for guarding against child kidnapping.

Lackluster Cell Phone Service. Navigating through the cell-hell customer service system, by Steve Seepersaud.

Newsbriefs: sleep challenges...deep thoughts from Jim Carrey, Oprah, and Dan savings account...more women dating younger men...investigating Chinese Medicine.

Issue 29
Meaningful Coincidences: A former television reporter, Jill Wellington, shows how you can tap into the magic of synchronicity.

Books for a Better Life Awards. A ceremony in New York profiles books and authors that really help. Wayne Dyer and Susan Orman light up the night.

What I Believe, by Dawn McGrail. Her basic metaphysical assumption is to assume nothing.

First Knowing. A changing of consciousness in Girl Scout camp. By Miriam Nelson-Gillett.

When The Going Gets Tough, Go to Work -- For Yourself, by Cynthia Pierce.

Grafitti Transformed. A true story of a businessman who turned troublemakers into paid artists. By Lois Farley.

Issue 28
A Friend Departs. Jon Simonds says goodbye to a pal.

Newsbriefs: Clinton Helps Lower Drug Costs...Cosby Comments on Comedy...Eve Ensler Celebrates Vagina Warriors...Progressive Media Progressing...Senatorial Candidate Announces Campaign Chairman...Man Pushed in Front of Subway Survives...Stiletto heel invented that converts into a flat shoe...laughing good for health...millions meditate...etc.

New Film Celebrates Life. Carol Edwards says And Now Ladies and Gentlemen "is one of the few refreshing films I've seen in quite some time. The context and content, just the way it's filmed, is a cinematic beauty..."

The Coming of Oryus, Part Two. The second installment of Jon Simond's book.

Bliss, a four-piece band from Oxford, England, are dazzling American audiences with their angelic, inspiring and uplifting music. By Kathy Barrett.

Anything is Possible. A poem by Jon Simonds.

Two poems by Carol Edwards: Heaven, The Closest Thing to It, and Gazing at the Moon.

Driving With Cell Phone. Steve Seepersaud's "Tech Talk" column on cell phone laws and common sense.

There Comes A Final Good Moment to Every to Every Last Good Time. An excerpt from Hostage Party, a book by Sam P. Israel.

Issue 27
Hip Hybrid Car Good for Air and Budget. Hybrid cars are creating less pollution and better mileage -- as well as becoming all the rage with Hollywood types.Toyota's Prius is the leader of the hybrid pack.

The Coming of Oryus, Part One. An excerpt of a book by Jon Simonds. A determined young lady named Sandrell in search of a wizard.

Unsung Heroes, a poem by Saikat Mondal.

A Cappella: Virtuosos of Voice. Kathy Barrett reports on the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

Welcome to My World. An attention deficit day in the life, by Donald Owens.

Newsbriefs: 1800s boom in magazine start-ups...Nelson Mandela rediscovers color -- as an artist...4 million Iraqi children immunized against polio...Heifer Project provides income-producing animals as gifts.

Issue 26
Michael Douglas made a great documentary with the UN about child soldiers in Sierra Leonne.

Sneakout! a tale of escaping from one's home, by the otherwise well-behaved writer, Marian C. Black.

A Gem From Tribeca: a new film called Justice about a comic book writer named Drew. After 9/11, he's inspired to do a comic book on "real heroes."

Newsbriefs: No more French kissing?...Abner Louima helps educate poor children...John McEnroe promotes peace through sports...Afghan women learn leadership skills...Minnesota handyman leaves money to New York...citizens of Alabama allowed to have vibrators...electric cars are hip.

Poem: "The Answer," by Margaret Kimble.

Issue 25
Educating the Board of Education by Kathy Barrett. September 11, 2001 was devastating to the world but it also created a miracle for Janielle Fermaint, a sixteen year-old quadriplegic teenager living with Cerebral Palsy.

Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony. This inspiring, song-filled documentary tells the story of black South African freedom music and its role in the long battle against apartheid.

From the "Tech Talk" column: Looking for Love Online by Steve Seepersaud.

Issue 24
The National Book Awards gave prizes to a first-time author in her 40s and a long-time poet in her 80s, proving that writers with determination and talent can be recognized and rewarded at any age.

My Twilght Zone, by Marian C. Black. "Dealing with the unknown is a lighter burden with the support of friends and loved ones. I am at the Outpatient Surgery Center waiting to have my surgical biopsy, praying my breast cancer has not returned."

The Scoop on Political Clout. Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, is now offering a new reason for people to smile and feel fulfilled -- a fun and easy way to take action politically. (See also: his speech at the Wasington D.C. Peace Rally.)

Chain of Peace. One boy's excellent idea.

Her First Big Fear. A short story by Chloe Thomkins.

Newsbriefs: New York crime rates down...Brazilian rainforest saved...massages increase...girls get to go to school in Afghanistan...Deutsche Bank moves to lower Manhattan...survey says 8 in 10 Americans satisfied with jobs.

Issue 23
Jon Simonds explains his lack of quality time with money in Mugged in Sarasota.

NY Presbyterian Hospital doctor, and book author James Dillard discusses pain: its potential for improving healthcare and integrating "alternative medicine" into hospitals.

10-Year-Old Artist Speaks Out: Eliott P. Frank, from Edmond Oklahoma, shares his art and words of wisdom in response to September 11th.

Newsbriefs: Quotes from Ben Cohen (and a link to his speech), Christopher Reeve, Lord & Taylor, Anwar Sadat and Paul McCartney. Stories: Muslim cabbie returns handbag...Images & Voices of Hope discusses the potential of the media forging positive change..."I Love NY" message from Des Moines, Iowa...Robert Redford helps save America's last wild places.

Issue 22
Crimestoppers. Lorna Hartman's series of columns show how people have prevented crimes by their quick assessments and quick thinking.

Kathy Barrett explores the International Beauty Show and wonders, Does Beauty Lie Within?

Jon Simonds gives us a break from the entire al-Qaida Network with Food for Thought, an examination of Heath Bars, Twizzlers and other important matters.

The National Resource Defense Council: Robert Kennedy, Jr., James Taylor, Sting and many others give a party on behalf of Mother Nature.

50 is Becoming: Susan Sarandon is featured, along with other dynamic women, in a book by the editors of Moremagazine called Fifty Celebrate Fifty.

Wild Horses: Photographer and Filmmaker, Roberto Dutesco, documents the life of hundreds of untamed horses running free on a small island off Canada. His work is helping to save these mighty creatures and the unspoiled land they inhabit.

Newbriefs: a positive perspective on aging...drunk monkeys are like people...Bono speaks...Amnesty International shines light...RFK, Jr. on the Hudson River...Bill O'Reilly praises Habitat for Humanity.

Issue 21
Men & Money & Madness is a unique cabaret show by Tessa Bell. She weaves storytelling and song, both serious and humorous, into a musical essay on post 9/11 life. A masterpiece that is deeply thought-provoking and wonderfully uplifting.

Newsbriefs: Journalist Pete Hamill's commentary...National Book Award Winner no longer depressed...Scientific effectiveness of prayer.

Governor Mario Cuomo reflects on the year 2001 -- and the insights and opportunities it provides for today.

Issue 20
Thirteen television in New York airs, IN OUR CITY: NEW YORKERS REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 11TH. This program provides -- through poetry and prose -- the insight and hope that can strengthen our healing process. Poet and producer Vickie Karp says, "Man does not live by CNN alone. There has to be something between prayers and headlines. The massive in-between is what we are thinking and feeling -- our daily lives and our poetry. IN OUR CITY is about that."

Denise Johnson, the writer, director and producer of a film called Vision of Faith, held a benefit screening in New York to raise money for this soon-to-be feature length documentary.

All Things Must Pass, by Jon Simonds . And in the end, George Harrison "passed," much in the way he lived his life, quietly.

An Interview with George Harrison. In 1990, Mr. Harrison was on the cover of The New Sun's debut newsprint issue. We are re-publishing his spiritually-driven words here, in honor of his recent transition. Thank you, George, for your insight, humor, wisdom and music. Our prayers are with you.

On September 10th, The Creative Coalition held an event at Sotheby's in New York City to discuss the importance of keeping film and television production in the U.S.

Issue 19
Special Section on 9/11: The Transformation of the World.

Newsbriefs: Random items relating to the tragedy...children receive free vitamins...Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s Riverkeeper's fundraiser raises over 2.5 million...82-year-old golfer gets her prayers answered...woman wins lotto millions after borrowing pennies...seized sandwiches and pastries filled with Viagra tablets.

Two wonderfully educational stories by columnist Jon Simonds: Up in the Morning and Out to School and AOL/Time Warner: Serving Our Schools

C.K. Gold covers Robert Downey, Jr.'s challenging experience with the press.

Photographer Toby Old's Baseball Fan Photo Gallery preserves straphanger memories of the 2000 World Series.

Issue 18
Books and Kids: Ron Galotti ,president of Talk Miramax Books and Talk magazine, was invited to be "Principal for a Day" at a New York City Public School. He was so inspired by the experience and impressed with the enthusiasm of the kids, he went back to his office to brainstorm with his colleagues on more ways to help the students.
See also: interview with Ron Galotti.

He Saw the Shooting: Caley Anderson, a student at Santana High School in Santee, California, witnessed the now famous incident. The gunman tried to shoot him in the head. He tells what it was like and how he recovered.
See also: excerpts from school newspaper.

The Balanced Perspective of John McEnroe: As a tennis champion, television commentator, and art gallery owner, John McEnroe displays his multi-talents with artistic flair and insight.

An Interview with Governor Mario Cuomo: Mario Cuomo shares his thoughts on what is truly important in life: repairing the universe in whatever way you can, loving one another as brothers and sisters, and never giving up on your dream.

You Don't Have To Leave Your Wheelchair to Change the World: This is a story about Janielle Fermaint, a vibrant and determined young lady with Cerebal Palsy, who doesn't let her physical condition get in the way of making an extraordinary impact.

Excellent Excerpts: from Quotable Sex, The Millionaire's Secrets, Silent Power.

Issue 17
Les Brown: world-renowned motivational speaker, author, and television personality, talks with The New Sun about finding his rightful place in the world, asking the right questions, the positive use of fear, and where he gets his inspiration and healing.

The Silver Lining Foundation: In New York City, generous people from the business, media and entertainment world celebrated and raised funds for children with cancer. Speechmakers included Gerald Levin, John McEnroe, Andrea Jaeger, Oprah Winfrey, and Ted Forstmann.

Issue 16
Michael York Interview: The New Sun talks with Michael York about the magic of Shakespeare, his work with young people, and his perspective on life. From stage to screen to scribe, this multi-talented gentleman entertains and enlightens with charming enthusiasm.
A Baby Returns to Heaven: New Sun columnist Jon Simonds loses his young son. In this touching story he shares his heartfelt insights, with gratitude for the outpouring of love.

Newsbriefs: Dog Appointed to a Brazilian Council...Director's Guild of America Awards...Americans Contributed $190 Billion to Charitable Causes in 1999...Stevie Wonder Receives Lifetime Achievement Award...Brazilian Zoo Warns People Not to Refrigerate Lost Penguins...Princess of Norway to Read Fairytales to Children.

Issue 15
Designing The Wow Factor: Stephen Jones, one of the most sought-after architects in the business, shares his approach to the creative process. Stephen's work includes designing for world-renowned chef, Wolfgang Puck, as well as for the famous Spago restaurant in Los Angeles.
Imagine Throwing a Cream Pie: As a former television assignment editor and the author of The Frazzled Working Woman's Practical Guide to Motherhood, Mary Lyon understands the power of humor. Her practical advice and refreshing perspective helps parents cope, while laughing.
Women's and Men's Bodies Studied: With funding from Procter and Gamble, Dr. Marianne Legato furthers her ground-breaking health research at Columbia University. Her studies reveal a previous assumption: what's true for men must also be true for women. Not so!
Car Crash Unites Father and Son: Charles Ursitti, Executive Director of the Paul Sorvino Asthma Foundation, was bleeding to death from a car accident when he had a profound experience.
"The Vagina Monologues" Playwright Eve Ensler: The "V" word is no longer spoken in embarassed whispers thanks to Eve Ensler and her wonderful play. It's okay to talk about it. The play, the word, and all it represents, have inspired worldwide appreciation, honest investigation, and healing laughter. It has featured such stars as Erica Jong, Glenn Close, and Whoopi Goldberg.

Issue 14
Heartfelt Hammering For Humanity: President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn have been working with their hands, hearts and pocketbooks since 1984. Recently, they joined more than 1,500 Habitat for Humanity volunteers to complete the milestone 100,000th home. The week was filled with joyful celebration, spirited speeches, thoughtful reflection, and hard-earned accomplishment.
Art Linkletter Says The Greatest Things: At 88 years young, he is vibrantly active and joyful, with a deep understanding of children, adults, and life. A cherished icon of radio and television as well as a teacher and businessman, Mr. Linkletter shares his thoughts and experiences with The New Sun.
Good News About Death: Dr. Melvin Morse, a pediatrician in Seattle, and Dr. Bruce Greyson, a psychiatrist in Virginia have dedicated many years of research to the profound phenomena of the near-death experience. What they have discovered, by applying scientific methodology to the spiritual, might change the way you perceive death -- and life.
Newsbriefs: Peaceworks unites businesspeople in Israel and Syria...England's dress code relaxes...Spain's Onion field of dreams...Auction of cows...NY Daily News saves lives...UPS funds college eduction.

Issue 13
Newsbriefs: items from around the world.
The Concept of Disabilities Disappears: about a tall ship for people in wheelchairs and other disabilities.
The Gasman Cometh: a humorous story about household problems.
The Health Library: includes health solutions, Mimi's advice on tension reduction, and poetry.
Excellent Excerpts: from books and movies.
What It's Like to Live In...: a visit to Nicaragua.
Near-Death Experiences: good news.

Issue 12
Actor and singer Paul Sorvino
Sloan-Kettering Hospital's Barrie Cassileth

Humor on Daylight Savings Time
An Adventure with a Baby

Issue 11
Co-founders Jery Whitworth and Mehment Oz
of the Department of Complementary Medicine
at N.Y. Presbyterian Hospital in New York.
Judy Collins

Humor by Jon Simonds, Survey Says!
Thinking Differently, a near-death experience.

Issue 10: The print edition.

Issue 9:
"Beauty in a Cancer Ward," a story by Jimmy Breslin.
An interview with Irish comedian Ardal O'Hanlon who plays
Father Doughal Maguire in the hit UK sitcom, "Father Ted."
A near-death experience story.
Coverage of the Getty Center in L.A.

Issue 8

Issue 7

Issue 6

Issue 5

Issue 4

Issue 3