..Saikat Mondal..

     The Coming of Spring

I woke up to the chorus of the birds singing
Joyfully they announce, the advent of spring
I open my eyes and behold the glorious sunshine.
Hills, valleys and flowers are smiling:
A lake nearby reflects the azure sky.
As if a magician with his magic wand
In the depths of night touched
And Earth desolate, to a garden of paradise transformed.
Gently blown by the perfumed spring breeze,
Oh so glad my being feels!
Joy herself rushing thru my bloods and veins.
Surrounded by pleasant sceneries and sounds;
On the wings of dream myself I found;
Transported to a colorful fairy play ground.

From Saikat's book: Dialogues with My Self (which can be found at www.barnesandnoble.com). Mr. Mondal also writes for One Earth Vision and Mission.