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In Our City:
New Yorkers Remember September 11th

The first person to appear on the screen is Walter Cronkite, a comforting and familiar figure. He reads an excerpt from The Nature of Patriotism, written by Adlai Stevenson in the 1950s. It sounds like it was written for today, and sets a contemplative and throughtful tone for the program.

Mr. Cronkite then introduces the next readers by saying:

"We all know New Yorkers are a special breed. The program you're about to see is their response to the tragic events of September 11th. What we've experienced and are continuing to experience has brought out the most resilient and courageous aspects of ourselves. What we have in common is a deeply felt need to turn to one another for hope and warmth. Here are poems and ideas by famous writers, read by famous New Yorkers, actors, and everyday people reading their own work."

Dorene Smith, who escaped from her offices at the World Trade Center on September 11, shares her personal experiences of the day with I Took Charge. Several early teen poets also share their original poems, expressing their thoughts and feelings in the aftermath of the unprecedented destruction.

Frank McCourt reads the words of Edward Robb Ellis from Epic of NYC which ends with, "If the planet grows cold, this city will nevertheless be mankind's warmest moment."


Adlai Stevenson's The Nature of Patriotism (excerpt)
Walter Cronkite

W. H. Auden's Stop All the Clocks
Sigourney Weaver

Edward Robb Ellis' Epic of NYC
Frank McCourt

David Lehman's World Trade Center
Isaiah Sheffer

Dorene Smith's I Took Charge
Dorene Smith

Harpo Marx's Harpo Speaks...About New York City (excerpt)
Roy Blount, Jr.

Stephanie Joseph's Nice Beautiful Day
Stephanie Joseph
and Tamara Joseph's America
Tamara Joseph

W. H. Auden's September 1, 1939
Schools Chancellor Harold Levy

Judy Yerkhovich's In a Moment
Judy Yerkhovich

Excerpt from Diary of Anne Frank
Elizabeth Ackerman

Jane Kenyon's Let Evening Come
Mel Watkins

Iraida Iturralde's The Loss of Innocence
Iraida Iturralde

Excerpt from E. B. White's Here is New York
Fran Lebowitz

Vickie Karp's Dark Blue Ribbons
Vickie Karp

Walt Whitman's I Hear America Singing
Caroline Kennedy

Tyler Wallach's I Am Strong As a Lion
Tyler Wallach (with grandfather Eli Wallach)

* * *

This program will air on Thirteen in New York on January 3 at 10:00pm and again on January 6 at 2:00pm. To visit Thirteen's website, please go to: