The New Sun Newspaper

I created this picture in response to the tragedy. Many people see God's plan for earth and life differently. Some people think God sees the world like they do. Because of different "perspectives," people even hurt one another. We as humans often see other's perspectives as a blurred reflection, like in a mirror. God sees all things clearly. I believe that if we could actually see God we would see that no matter what name someone gives "God," he is loving and kind. He does not want violence and pain. I think God cries every time tragedy strikes. I think he cried on September 11, 2001.

My hope is that this picture gives children comfort and reminds them that God understands us and comforts us when human beings mess up. I also hope to show that as one views this picture they are seeing it from our perspective and that people on the other side of the world see a different reflection. I believe that the clearer the reflections, the better the chance we have to understand one another. God Bless.

* * *

by Eliott P. Frank (11 years old)

Reprinted, with permission, from ChildArt magazine.