The New Sun is a newspaper that focuses on the positive aspects and events of life. "The anti-tabloid tabloid." We've been on the web for many years and are now publishing on newsprint.

The above pictured print issue features interviews with Erica Jong and Robert Kennedy, Jr; stories by Pulitzer-Prize winner Jimmy Breslin, Jon Simonds and Benjamin Franklin; solutions from our Health Library; a positive report from Bosnia by American Army Sergeant, Robert Anderson; a recipie from the Head Chef of Cafe Luxembourg in New York, and many other surprises.

If you would like to recieve a free sample copy, please send an email and include your postal mailing address. Or feel free to peruse our back web-issues until the next web-issue appears.

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The New Sun print edtion is available in New York City at many locations, including Barnes & Noble, Tower Records, and East/West Bookstore. We hope to expand availability to other cities and countries soon. In the meantime, for those outside New York, subscriptions are suggested.

Your input is needed. What stories and people do you feel need coverage? Do you know of a news item that needs exposure so it can further benefit people? Would you like to share an experience that changed your life in a better direction? Or something humorous that helped you get through the day?

We can together -- journalists, authors, poets, filmmakers, artists, businesspeople, and individuals of all types from around the world -- create a "people's tabloid." A positive news network. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Lese Dunton
Editor & Publisher
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