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Pizza is Americans' number 1 food according to a survey
that says 93% of Americans eat at least a slice a month...

Tennis player MaliVai Washington was asked how he
was able to make such a heroic comeback from 1-5
down in the final set of a Wimbledon match. He replied,
"I've been eating a lot of pizza. I'm telling you, that's what
I had last night and the night before."

A letter by Margot Kidder read by Barbara Walters on the ABC television
show, 20/20 -- after a segment on Ms. Kidder's battle with manic depression:

"Well, she wrote me a letter and we have talked since then, and she said this
is important. She said, 'Please tell everyone, in general I've been blessed with
a wonderful life. Every human being is given some sort of burden in life and
mine happens to be manic depression. It is no heavier a burden than anyone
else's and it is lighter than many. It is simply the card that I drew.' And she
doesn't know this and she doesn't remember this, but when I interviewed
Christopher Reeve, he talked about the card he drew."


& Chopra's



The Redbone

On Wednesday, September 4th,
Mayor Guiliani addressed a multi-
tude of media regarding the...

Little Angel Lost
A Story for Kids, by Scryier
It was one of those things you
couldn't tell anybody. I mean, you
could tell somebody, but anybody
you told would think you were...

Kangaroo Island
by Frank Ruscitti
Australia's third largest
island: three thousand
humans; eight thousand

A 5-Year-Old Girl
Gets Shot & Lives

by Valerie Gladstone

Jennifer Royal shares her exper-
ience of living next door to drug
dealers and testifying against the
gunman in a Florida courtroom.

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Investigataive Reporting in 1996
by the Alternative Press Awards.
A subscription to CounterPunch
provides a behind the scenes look
at what is really happening in
Washington, D.C. and the world.
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