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Songs of the I.B.M.

Editor's Note: My late father was given a 1941 songsheet called "Songs of the I.B.M." from a friend who used to work there. Apparently, the employees would gather together in fellowship to boost morale and productivity.

The friend thought my father would see the humor in it. I hope you do, too. I hear Wal-Mart is singing fellowship songs these days, so perhaps it's coming back into fashion.

Here are three songs that the IBM workers (men) sang 67 years ago:

Tune: Jingle Bells

Our customers they state,
Our services are great,
We never hesitate,
But just cooperate;
On call throughout the land,
To lend a helping hand,
Our district service managers,
Are helping us expand.

Berry here -- Wohlrab there,
And Fitzpatrick too.
Walker -- Ryan -- Lovingood,
All are tried and true.
They're from South, East and West,
Also from the Coast;
Let us raise our voices and salute them
with a toast.

Tune: Happy Days are Here Again

Happy days are here again!
and every heart in I.B.M.
All loyal T.J. Watson men,
Love our noble President.
His leadership stands out alone;
He's honored everywhere he's known;
We proudly claim him all our own;
In our world-wide I.B.M.

Tune: Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning

Oh! how I love to get up in the morning,
Oh! how I love to get out and work;
But the thing I can't make out
Is to hear a prospect shout:
"You gotta come back, you gotta come back,
You gotta come back tomorrow."
Some day I'm going to get that order,
I know they need I.B.M. Machines,
But that doesn't help my quota, so
Next day I'll pull it over -- Oh!
That's why I love to get out and work.

* * *