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Roberto Dutesco is a New York based fashion photographer working in art, fashion and film. While visiting Sable Island a few years ago, he became enchanted with the wild horses who are able to live, unrestricted, on this island with virtually no people.

His photographs and 15-minute film (recently shown at The New York Film & Video Festival) have created quite a buzz, both in New York City and around the country. His work is helping to ensure the conservation of Sable Island and its 250-350 horses.

The Island, southeast of Halifax, Canada, has been the site of 275 shipwrecks since the early seventeenth century. Of these, the only known survivors were their horses. For hundreds of years the island was seen as a fearful place -- the "Graveyard of the Atlantic." Today, it's a place of unusual beauty and fragility. Roberto Dutesco would like to see it stay that way.

On conservation efforts, Mr. Dutesco says:

"These days, everything is within reach and only a few places exist untouched, in their natural state. Sable Island is such a place, and Sable Island Preservation Trust ensures that it remains so for generations to come. So later in life when you look back and reflect on your own life, smile knowing you were a part of conserving a place of untouched beauty where horses run wild and free..."

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