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Nobel Prize winner Jose Ramos Horta has been working to save
East Timor from Indonesian attack. When asked what makes
him have such strength and determination, he replied:

"I think sometimes I ask myself and I think maybe it's
God, inner strength
that tells me I have to believe
and to fight. I have an obligation to those who are
in the mountains, in the towns. I would be be-
traying my country and the people who trust
me if I did not work and work and work."

Bill Cosby urged newspapers to publish more stories that
show the human side of the news and to pay more attention
to accuracy. Too often people that make the news are evaluated
in simplistic terms, he said. "Is the person good? Or...bad? If he
isn't either, he's boring. How do we get him angry? How do we
rip out of his mouth something he didn't mean to say?"
Stevie Wonder remarked recently, "Words are energy.
Use them to encourage and inspire. Check the bad,
but encourage the good."

Nancy Lubin, a law student at New York University started
a company called Dress for Success, New York. They dress
30 women on welfare a week for job interviews. "Russian
women want the dresses to be below the calves, while those
who were incarcerated really want fiery red suits," says Lubin.
(If you'd like to donate clothing so that women can look great at their job
interviews, call 212-546-DSNY.)

Erica Jong's Website
featuring her book:

New York

The Redbone


The Words of
Maya Angelou

...The most amazing thing. I can't know it too frequently. I can't know it completely. My heart might burst. My blood might boil up in my veins. My eyes would pop out. My navel would thump... continued

In the mid 1970s, The
Daily News
ran a feature
on N.Y.'s "Ten Best
Cabbies." It was reported
that Harold "received so
many letters of praise, we
thought he was stuffing
the ballot box."...

Simply Sending Supplies

Guilt: The Breakfast of Champions

by Marilyn Sokel

Mother: Girls, your slave is ready. I'm making eggs.
Bernice (from offstage):
I don't want eggs.
Mother: You don't want
eggs? Since when?
Bernice: Eggs make me
vomit. I want spaghetti. continued

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