..Dr. Dana Flavin..

Modern Day Alchemy

Claudia was 39, and a mother of a 6 year-old little girl. She had multiple metastases all over her brain from her breast cancer, and radiation and chemo had not done anything.

They couldn't operate or even do gamma knife therapy. They told her to get her things in order. She came to me with her case. It was, for all of conventional medicine, hopeless. I decided to try a plant product as old as the Bible: Frankincense. It had shown some success in primary brain tumors and we had nothing to lose by testing this. She had been given a death sentence of 3 months to live. Three months later she was scheduled for a new CT. The results were astounding.

All her brain metastases were gone. It had worked. This was a mother who lived to see her little girl attend her first day of school. I gave her hope and I gave her an old remedy that had not been tried in breast cancer brain metastases.

The article we wrote was immediately accepted by The Journal of Neuro-oncology for publication. This is where the knowledge of the growth factors in cancer combined with the knowledge of the mechanisms of substances as old as the Bible really makes a difference. Modern day alchemy, saving lives.