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Passion to Connect

The Coalition for OneVoice and Deepak Chopra's Alliance for a New Humanity presented an event called "Passion to Connect" in New York City. Aptly titled, it united like-minded individuals and groups eager to share ideas that support a local and global shift in consciousness. If you missed it, don't worry, there will many more events in the future.

Held at "Spirit New York" on West 27th Street on October 15, the afternoon provided sounds and contemplation, a welcoming talk from OneVoice's Alan Steinfeld, a soothing performance by Voicepoint, and a panel discussion with Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen, moderated beautifully by national journalist Judy Martin.

The packed house, cozy and relaxed, listened intently as Deepak and Andrew Cohen talked about consciousness, how we need to come together and hang out with each other, and what we can do next, individually and collectively. Audience members included UN Peace Ambassador Jane Goodall, and actor Richard Belzer from Law and Order.

Mr. Chopra, with great clarity and charm, summarized by saying, "...My wish is if we could somehow reach a critical mass -- no matter what you're doing, what your methodology is -- of people doing inner work and doing some sort of service to humanity...maybe we can reverse the tide..."

After passionate applause, facilitator Jane Hughes Gignoux urged the crowd to break up into groups of four to "share our visions by exploring what we can offer one another, what we might need, airing questions and offering ideas." It's not easy to get a large crowd to do that, and Ms. Gignoux handled it with skillful grace.

The afternoon concluded with a talk by artist Alex Grey on building community, and Sheila Wall on "What's Next?"

Freshly inspired, with smiles on faces, new and old friends chatted, walked around, joyfully bumped into each other, and ascended to the gallery to see Alex Grey's incredible artwork.

For information on future events, contact the Coalition for OneVoice: coalitionny@yahoo.com, 212.616.3075. Or the Alliance for a New Humanity: anhglobal.org.

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