..Ed Van Overloop..

One Man's Answer to Terminal Cancer

After 16 years, my long-time dormant prostate cancer struck back with a vengeance in the spring of 2005. A bad reaction to antibiotics, given to stop a prostate infection, seemed to trigger extensive bone metastasis from my hips to my shoulders. The antibiotics gave me severe nausea, followed by weakness from lack of eating (I lost over 20 pounds). Next came heavy bone pain, which I found unbearable even with painkillers. I must say that when the pain level of bone metastasis reaches the level of all of your life's toothaches at once, combined with nausea, weakness, and a total helplessness, it really gets your attention!

About 2 months into this ordeal, and a week after a bone scan confirmed the metastasis, I received a copy of the DVD "Curing Cancer - The Best of Both Worlds." This documentary describes how some German clinics and hospitals are using the best of conventional medicine combined with various alternatives to achieve far better remissions, and in some cases cures, than our standard medical systems.

I decided to go to the Leonardis Clinic in Germany, one of the facilities featured on the DVD. I was there for 3 weeks, and I must say that I am extremely happy with the therapy I received and the quality of medical care given to the patients. My bone pain was gone in 3 or 4 days and current scans show hope of total elimination. This was accomplished with low dose chemo, and various alternatives used in a different manner that is not recognized in the United States.

The treatment starts almost the moment you check in; blood work is taken for their special chemo sensitivity test so that the chemo most suited to your cancer will be used, and in much lower than normal amounts.

This blood work involves using RNA and DNA to detect your sensitivity not only to chemos, but also to various herbal and nutritional therapies. This testing is done at the Bio-focus Laboratories in Germany.

It must work as I was given 3 different chemos and have had zero side effects, and an almost immediate return of appetite and well-being after more than 2 months of nausea and bone pain. My PSA cancer marker dropped from a high of 1160 when I arrived at the clinic, down to 11.0 just a month after arriving home. Of course I am thrilled with the results so far and pray that they continue long term.

The original Founder and Director [recently deceased] Dr. Scheller and his clinic have the reputation of having one of the highest success rates in Germany with stage-3 & 4 cancer patients – up to 75 percent are put back into remmission again. In the U.S., I'm told we're lucky if we have 5 -10 percent rate on late-stage cancer.

Quite a disturbing difference!

Leonardis' success rate is achieved by the innovative use of chemo, radiation, and an alternative and integrated approach that would not be allowed in the USA. The part that amazes me most is that almost all of the medicine and techniques used in Germany could be available at home in a very short order if only our medical climate were different. It appears to me that our doctors are handicapped by rules and restrictions, which cause them at times to use some therapies, and over doses, that are not in the patient's best interest. I remember my Dad going through this standard heavy-duty end-stage treatment many years ago, all to no avail. This is why I decided not to go that route.

The Leonardis facility is first-class in every manner and the medical staff consists of three oncologists and three MD internists, plus about 18 nurses. Each day the 30 to 40 patients are visited in their hospital rooms by his or her assigned oncologist and doctor who not only check how you are doing, but also fill you in on how the various tests show things are going, and allow any of your questions to be answered. Each day these doctor "teams" meet with Dr. Jacob, the new Medical Director, and discuss each patient's needs and revise or add to their protocol as necessary. Each patient develops a very close relationship with their doctor team. I am sure this is all part of the overall outcome.

The clinic is open and manned 24/7 and I believe that part of the better than average success is achieved because of the round-the-clock care by the better than average medical staff. I found that everyone on the staff highly respected Dr. Scheller and Dr. Jacob, who has shared his innovated ideas and worked at his side for over 15 years. I was also surprised that in 3 weeks at the clinic and mixing with dozens of patients, not one negative comment was made about anything -- doctors, treatments, patient facilities, food, or in fact any aspect of Leonardis. This all comes at a price of 800 Euros per day; the only extras are if you are sent to another facility for some special test, scans, or therapy.

When I spoke with Dr. Scheller and Dr. Jacob they said because they are independent of the German insurance system they may use any therapy in the world that has proper scientific back-up. They use various chemos or therapies that would not be approved for application in the USA. For example, a man with colon cancer was unsuccessfully treated in America, and upon going to the clinic it was found he responded only to Hercepton, a breast cancer chemo that would not be approved for that use at home. One of my German chemos used is listed only for ovarian cancer.

In addition to chemotherapy, I was given liquid shark cartilage from Canada (which will stop angiogenisis); an IV of a special form of Sellenium; an IV of a special form of Vitamin D and Calcium; and an Amino Acid mix to prevent chemo from causing liver problems, plus several other useful supplements.

My wife Gloria stayed right in our pleasant room, which had a 18' balcony overlooking a meadow where a few cows or horses would be grazing on most days, with a pine forest in the background topped by distant beginnings of the Austrian Alps. Bavaria is a very healing place to be treated and almost makes you feel like you're on vacation.

One important factor that really helps is that each patient, on check out, is given a complete report as to how they were treated – for your doctor at home. Also, you are presented with a complete program, and any hard to get medicine, so that you can continue treatment with your local friendly doctor and not feel abandoned. You or your doctor may call the clinic at any time with any questions, and in fact this is encouraged. By the way, 98 percent of staff and doctors speak excellent English.

These are the thoughts I have had since my experience in Germany, and I find that each day I thank God for showing me the way.

* * *


The management at Leonardis has changed, as well as their emphasis, and they are no longer recommended.

The most hopeful 24/7 clinics are now Gerson Institute (California/Mexico), St. Gorge Klinic in Germany with Dr. Federick Douwes, and Alpenpark Klinik in Germany with Dr. Ursula Jacob (formerly at Leonardis).

Other suggestions/resources: the CARE Cancer Support Group meeting held in NJ. To get on their mailing list (stay updated on great information), email harveykunz@hotmail.com. Also: Ralph Moss (www.cancerdecisionms.com), Dr. Alan Woods (Wyckoff, NJ www.inhwonline.com), Dr. Stanislau Byrzinski of Texas, and Dr. Dana Flavin (Greenwich, CT, CollMed.com).