..Donald Owens..

Welcome to My World

I first learned about Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, from radio's talk show "doctors." It was fascinating and entertaining to listen to the heated debates over the pros and cons of medicating children with Ritalin.

You're on the air:
"Hi, I'm a first time caller. I think kids start taking drugs early enough as it is. Heck, I didn't get into Ritalin 'til my second year of college and that was only to make it through finals. I have a question about this: Did Doctor Spock say it was okay for little kids to take Ritalin? By the way, I'm a first time caller."

You're on the air:
"Here's what I think...Don't give them so much sugar! Let me tell you, my little Niki just crawls the walls when she's drinking Jolt. Turn my radio down? So listen... I hear yoga works better than drugs, why not send them all to yoga class...I didn't turn my radio down? Really?"

You're on the air:
"I'm so confused! My shrink prescribes Ritalin for my depression so how come they're giving it to excitable, over active children? Oh nuts, gotta go...I left my tennis racket at the park."

Lately it seems that this childhood ailment is spreading like wildfire to boomers everywhere. Did our kids catch it at day care and bring it home to us? To me?

After the day I just had, I'm beginning to think that I have ADD too.

It was morning: The first thought I had as I got out of bed was, this is going to be a super, productive Saturday. Heading out to the kitchen I could almost smell the White Chocolate Mousse coffee that was about to be brewed.

The gorgeous Florida sunshine flooded our kitchen as I opened the café curtains to a brand new day. Gazing down the street I spotted the trash guys working their way over to my place. I'd better get the barrel out to the curb.

Yeah! It's the first time in three weeks that I put out the trash in time.

Flip flopping back up the driveway I noticed four trays of spring flowers sitting on the tailgate of my truck. Hmm, I meant to plant those yesterday. "That's what I'll do first," I said, still talking to myself. After my shower, I pulled on my jeans, favorite t-shirt and headed back outside. Still no coffee but I was on a mission.

While stacking the trays by the porch I noticed that my truck was covered in mud. Grabbing the hose and a brush I got into my favorite pastime; cleaning up the old pickup truck. By eleven a.m. it was washed, waxed and the chrome wheels were looking smooth. That's when the cell phone rang. It was the phone company wondering why I had not paid my monthly bill yet. I began wondering too. Embarrassed, I promised to go right over to the post office and send off a check today. And I did, but it took me twenty minutes to find the keys. They were on the nail, on the wall, by the back door.

Pudgy, our big fury cat, follows me wherever I go so it was no surprise when he jumped into the truck assuming his stoic position of co-pilot. We both caught a glimpse of the stacked flowers as I turned into the street. Pudge turned and looked at me. Shaking my head I said, "Sweetie, it's going to be one of those days." His look of wisdom told me I'd better pick up some kitty litter on the way home.

We stopped for lunch, ran some errands, and a few hours later returned home leaving the kitty litter on the tailgate of my truck.

It was nearly bedtime when Pudgy reminded me that his box needed changing. And so it was, in flip flops and robe, that I went outside in search of the kitty litter.

Upon completing this chore, I finally called it a day. Drawing the covers around me, with a contented cat snuggled at my feet, I felt frustrated by what didn't get done. Still, I was tired from all that I did. Slipping into the peacefulness of sleep, Pudge moved up to my pillow and licked my nose.

* * *