The New Sun Newspaper

"Security Guard Hailed as Hero"
by Trent Brown

Peter Ruiz was a supervisor who was shot in the back three times, while protecting a student. He returned to school less than one week after the incident. At the school assembly he said:

"I will be here at 7:00, just like always, standing in the small quad. I will not be afraid, and either should all of you. We will get through this. We are strong."

"The Healing Begins"
by Benjamin Ritter, News Editor

"...the student and faculty made it quite clear that they would not be intimidated by follow-up threats, and that they would still take pride in their school. 'No fear' and 'We will be here' were the themes of the assembly, a phrase which was contained in speeches by many prominent members of the student body, and was chanted by students at the close of the assembly..."

"Heal the Pain With Friends"
by David Schoonover

"...I do not search for sense this senseless act. I prefer to ponder solutions, reasons for these means as opposed to reasons for the ends. Still, I feel the pain deeply, that scars us all alike. I see crying faces and paralytic anger.

"In place of these things, I would like to see upturned faces. We, together, can turn our backs on sorrow...I propose we create together something of great substance to bracket this tragedy with an event equal to it in power, but different in nature."