..Mim Nelson-Gillett..

Masters of Happiness

Starting a new year can be an opportunity to clear the slate and renew positive expectations. But how do we really do that? There is no actual slate to clear, after all. It's just a matter of being present in this moment, with all the possibility, power and joy it always holds.

Dogs are masters of happiness. I love watching my dog, Bhakti, shake snow off his coat. It starts with his hind quarters and corkscrews forward vigorously. The last thing he does is shake his head and look up with bright eyes, pleased with himself and expecting (so it seems) all things good and happy.

He can stop sulking or being scared this way too. That's a trick worth learning! The key is, he always moves his butt before shaking his head. Are you doing it backwards, trying to change your outlook head-first?

It's hard to feel bad when you're wagging your tail! Shake off 2008 and start strutting your way into 2009!

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