New Sun Newsbriefs

Crime Rates Down
"...Crime in New York continues to fall to historic lows; it's five and a half per cent lower than it was a year ago and down nearly 65 per cent from nine years ago. Murder is down an astonishing 12 per cent from last year."
--Mayor Michael Bloomberg

* * *

Pristine Forrests
In Brazil, President Fernando Cardoso signed a decree creating a National Park that will protect 9.6 million acres of rainforest along Brazil's northern borders.

Said Cardoso:
"We are ensuring the protection of one of the most pristine forests remaining in the world. Plants and animals that may be endangered elsewhere will continue to thrive in our forests forever."

In America, President Bush has not yet embraced the "forests forever" idea, and has reversed his promise to invest $100m a year in rainforest conservation.

* * *

Relaxation, Health, and Pampering
A survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association reveals that 28 percent of adult Americans say they've had a massage in the past five years.


  • Relaxation or stress reduction (23 percent)
  • Health reasons (53 percent)
  • "Sought to pamper themselves" (15 percent)

* * *

The Learning Girls
In 20 provinces around Afghanistan, over a million children have returned to school, according to reports from UNICEF.

30 percent of students now attending schools are girls. Enrollment of girls during the Taliban era was negligible.

* * *

Going Downtown
Deutsche Bank announced it's moving its U.S. headquarters from Midtown Manhattan to Lower Manhattan, a commitment that will help rebuild the area's economy.

Everybody's hoping other business will follow their example and move down there too -- and provide much-needed jobs to the recovering downtown region.

* * *

Finding Satisfaction
In a survey by the National Opinion Research Center, eight in 10 Americans said they were satisfied with the work they do at their jobs.

And for those who are less than satisfied with their jobs -- that would be the other two in 10 Americans -- perhaps Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon, can help. He has designed the ultimate cubicle, in collaboration with a San Francisco design firm. This may improve the outlook of working Americans, who often must endure small, windowless spaces each day.

The workstation includes a motorized shoe polisher and a sun lamp that glows or fades to simulate the sun's movement during the day -- so it seems like the sun is right in there with you.

On the desk, there's a mechanical flower that's acoustically activated. When you're gone, it's wilted. But when you come in, it pops up to attention, and even shudders a little bit with happiness. The wastebasket vibrates with joy when trash is thrown into it.

* * *