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United in Good Food and Profit

Providing delicious food while fostering intercultural relations is the expertise of PeaceWorks.

PeaceWorks is a New York food company (all natural, kosher, vegitarian) that sets up partnerships between businesses in conflicting regions -- such as Israel and Syria -- to produce a variety of tasty items. PeaceWorks acts as a distributor and importer to the United States -- and everyone is happy.

This business model promotes cooperation and understanding. Can it continue during war? See


England Relaxes Office Dress Code

New research in the United Kingdom shows that the casual dressing revolution is gaining momentum -- with the majority of bosses accepting that suits are out.

Smart-casual clothing is considered the most appropriate style of dress for everyday office life by 55% of company directors, the survey showed (by communications agency, The Aziz Corporation).

Some 23% now have a dress-down policy for one day a week, with only 5% doing so in 1997.


Two elderly farmers in Spain are delighted to find they have accidentally grown a prize pumpkin - in a field of onions.

Sinforosa and Juana Fernandez, aged 85 and 81, have displayed the 103-pound pumpkin in a grocery store in Cuesta de las Gallardas, a village outside the northern Spanish town of Zamora.

It was not the only unusual discovery. Next to the pumpkin was a tomato vine that yielded big juicy tomotoes weighing up to 1 pound.

Near the onion field is a plot in which pumpkins are grown, but they were nowhere near the size of the jumbo one, Juana Fernandez said. She said the misfit pumpkin and tomatoes probably arose from seeds that got mixed into manure spread on the onion field.


75 of the 500 fiberglass cows that grazed all around New York City last summer were auctioned off to raise money for city-based charities. $1,354,000 from enthusiastic bidders went to The City Parks Foundation, God's Love We Deliver, Hale House, City Meals-on-Wheels, New Yorkers for Children, and The Center for Arts Education.

Holy Cow, pictured left, was bought by Alan Kahn for $19,000, who wanted to give it to his wife, Susan. "It's his son's favorite so he bought it," explained Susan. "He's crazy, basically. I think he should give it to the city, but he wants to give it to me."

  Lives Saved!

The Largest Community Outreach Program in the History of New York:
The New York Daily News, in collaboration with Continuum Health Partners Inc. and St. Vincent's Catholic Health Centers, offered free prostate cancer tests to men over 40 years old.

By bringing in a coupon that ran in the paper, 26,000 men were able to get a free blood test at any one of 65 locations. Approximately 10% had elevated PSAs and were advised to see a urologist for further testing. An elevated PSA could mean one of three things: an enlarged prostate, an infected prostate, or cancer.

This unique outreach program was the brainchild of Daily News President and Chief Operating Officer Les Goodstein and developed by John Campi, Vice President, Director of Promotion and Community Affairs. Their spokesperson was Joe Torre.

The United Parcel Service has a foundation which gives college money to Asian Pacific Americans.  Partnering with The Organization of Chinese Americans, UPS gave ten $2,000 scholarships.  The winners are the first in their families to attend an institution of higher education. More info.: 404-828-6051.