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Random Notes
Surrounding September 11th

According to a survey conducted by Luntz Research and reported in U.S. News and World Report: 7 out of 10 respondents have donated money or goods to help survivors and victims' familes, and 54% said the attacks strengthened their belief in God.

AT&T Wireless gave their cell phone customers in New York, Washington and Pittsburgh free service on September 11th.
Source: Jennifer Younts

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The SURVIVAL rates, and some positive news:

The Buildings

The World Trade Center
The twin towers of the World Trade Center were places of employment for some 50,000 people. With the missing list of just over 5,000 people, that means 90% of the people targeted survived.

The Pentagon
Approximately 23,000 people were the target of a third plane aimed at the Pentagon. The latest count shows that only 123 lost their lives. That is an amazing 99.5% survival rate. In addition, the plane seems to have come in too low, too early to affect a large portion of the building. On top of that, the section that was hit was the first of five sections to undergo renovations that would help protect the Pentagon from terrorist attacks. It had recently completed straightening and blast proofing, saving untold lives. This attack was sad, but a statistical failure.

The Planes

American Airlines Flight 77
This Boeing 757 that was flown into the outside of the Pentagon could have carried up to 289 people, yet only 64 were aboard. Luckily, 78% of the seats were empty.

American Airlines Flight 11
This Boeing 767 could have had up to 351 people aboard, but only carried 92. Thankfully, 74% of the seats were unfilled.

United Airlines Flight 175
Another Boeing 767 that could have sat 351 people only had 65 people on board. Fortunately, it was 81% empty.

United Airlines Flight 93
This Boeing 757 was one of the most uplifting stories yet. The smallest flight to be hijacked with only 45 people aboard out of a possible 289 had 84% of its capacity unused. Yet these people stood up to the attackers and thwarted a fourth attempted destruction of a national landmark, saving untold numbers of lives in the process.

In Summary

Out of potentially 74,280 Americans directly targeted by the terrorists, 93% survived or avoided the attacks.

The Hijacked planes were mostly empty, the Pentagon was hit at it's strongest point, the overwhelming majority of people in the World Trade Center buildings escaped, and a handful of passengers gave the ultimate sacrifice to save even more lives.

Don't fear these terrorists. The odds are against them.
Source: Kathy Gerdes

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New York City's crime rate has plummented. "Manhattan has got to be one of the most policed areas in the nation," said Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik...Police statistics also report that subway crime decreased 29% in the aftermath of the disaster, and could fall to its lowest annual level in 32 years.

Fireman being interviewed the day after:
"This is the best job in the world."
"There are some who might not think that's true today," the announcer said.
"It's true today more than ever," he replied with a proud smile.

Woman on the Street:
"Instead of looking down, people are looking at each other for comfort. People are sober and serious, well, New Yorkers are always serious but usually it's about them, they're thinking about themselves. Now, they're thinking about the bigger picture."

Telephone Booths on the Street:
New Yorkers were inexplicably getting their quarters back from local calls.

Cab Drivers on the Street:
3,316 free taxi rides were reportedly given to those in need.

President Bush:
"It has been said that adversity introduces us to ourselves. This is true of a nation as well. In this trial, we have been reminded and the world has seen that our fellow Americans are generous and kind, resourceful and brave."

Vitamins Delivered to Underserved
Through a network of 77 delivery sites -- including public schools, food banks, community clinics, and Head Start programs -- some 6,000 children in 34 states in the USA are currently receiving free multiple vitamins as part of their daily nutritional intake thanks to a unique program started by the not-for-profit The Healthy Foundation.

Sponsors providing vitamins include Tischon Corp, Natural Factors, Rxvitamins, and Nutrition Formulators. The Vitamin Relief USA initiative has also been supported by Mobile Exxon Chemical, Medcorps International Foundation, Tenet Healthcare Foundation, Longevity Sciences, Elan International, Setco, and others.
Source: Collaboration For Healthcare Renewal (CHR)

Riverkeeper's and its Chief Prosecuting Attorney, Robert Kennedy, Jr., work hard to protect the Hudson River watershed by tracking down and stopping polluters who abuse the river, its tributaries, and the New York City water supply.

At a recent fundraiser, over $2.5 million was raised from ticket sales, a live auction, and two generous supporters donating $200,000 each.

Attendees at the Chelsea Piers event included Glenn Close, Joe Pantoliano, Dana and Christopher Reeve, Chevy Chase, Diandra Douglas, Maria Cuomo Cole and Kenneth Cole. John Mellencamp performed. For dinner Alaskan Halibut was served, a delicious fish that is not endangered -- in fact, it's very plentiful.

"Four out of the five boroughs of New York are islands in the middle of the Hudson River, and the reason this city is here is because of this river," said RFK, Jr.

Alex Matthiessen, Hudson Riverkeeper and Executive Director, added : "If we can get rid of these PCBs, the river will be pretty much restored to its full and former glory."

Joe Pantoliano of "The Sopranos" recalled his childhood memories of the Hudson: "I used to swim in it as a kid -- and then it was dirty and filthy and grimy. I remember my cousin jumping in the water and coming up with a milk bottle through his foot. Riverkeeper is changing all that."

For more info:

An 82-Year-Old Golfer Gets Her Prayers Answered

Evelyn Tucci sank two holes-in-one during a single round, beating the odds of 67 million to one with her double strike.

She had always prayed she would hit an ace before she died. Little did she know she'd hit two in one day.

Evelyn's outstanding feat took place during a guest tournament at the Crystal Lake Country Club in Florida. Her first hole-in-one came at the 112 yard, par-3, second hole.

She said: "I wouldn't believe it until I saw it. Then one of the other players shouted to me 'It's in the cup!'"

Three holes later, she sank her second ace of the day. "We walked over, and I was looking at two balls on the green and wondering which one was mine, when my friend said again, 'It's in the cup!'"

Eveyln immediately called her husband of 60 years, Angelo, to share her good news. She said: "I don't think he could believe it."

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Woman Wins Lotto Millions After Borrowing Pennies

An Australian grandmother was 10 cents short of the $10.90 lottery price, so a Tasmanian shopkeeper, Kallan Muir, gave her the ticket and told her to make up the difference when she had the cash. Now she has the cash.

The woman from Devonport, who has not been named, won $9 million dollars.

The winner said: "The family got together immediately and celebrated. I am going to get some professional advice about what to do with the money but I think I'll get a farm and help my family with quite a bit of it."

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An Appetite for Sex

Customs officers in Egypt have seized sandwiches and pastries filled with Viagra tablets.

Two Syrians have been arrested in connection with the find on board a flight into Cairo.

Around 600 pills were hidden in 12 sandwiches and another 500 in a box of oriental pastries.

Viagra has been legal in Egypt since 1999 but can be sold only by prescription.

Authorities believe the two suspects hoped to sell the pills in Cairo, reports Channel Africa

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