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If You Want to Feel Really Good
If you or someone you love is facing surgery, I highly recommend a new DVD/CD package called, "The Better and Better Series: Pre & Post Surgery Healing Programs for Patients and their Caregivers." (There's also a Volume 3 for sustaining health and well-being when everyone is all better!)

It provides a truly unique healing experience.

Elizabeth Hepburn -- lovely, soothing and wise -- creates a gentle journey into transformation and peace. Optimal results for surgery begin with each person, and Elizabeth sets the stage, reminding us of our own innate healing ability, and to trust that your body-mind system knows how to take care of you (and so does the surgical team).

Whether you're a patient or caregiver, or just a person wanting to feel better, this is an amazing gift. It should be in every living room, medicine cabinet, hospital gift shop and complementary medicine center in the world.

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by Lese Dunton