The New Sun Newspaper

Anything is Possible

The doll is broken
I'm sorry
I know
It's still your dolly
and didn't you say you love her so?
It isn't brand new
isn't quite old
you still have your memories
so much to unfold.
So don't go praying
for God to care
or feeling like He's
never ever there
You keep going on
just be strong
your dolly needs you
I know
you're young
and what am I saying anyway is
(go to your room).
I just want a lover
a partner
a friend
not a means to an end
just an end to the heart break
that comes again and again
and again, i say
in time
anything is possible.

Sitting in a building
coffee time
you looked at your friend
what the hell went through your mind?
That was a bomb
you later said that to me
and raced to the window
saw the flaming debris.
Chunks the size of Volkwagons
falling flames
lives changed in an instant
so many names.
You raced down the stairs and into the street
stopped to help someone to their feet
and made it to Ferry
made it home
alone, you cried
and cried and tried to remember
nothing to kill or die for
and give peace a chance
and love is all you need
and still say
in time
anything is possible.

by Jon Simonds