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Michael Douglas Speaks to Parliament
on Nuclear Non-Proliferation Issues

Michael Douglas addressed members of the British Parliament on the issue of nuclear non-proliferation. He spoke about the three treaties which are fundamental to the international arms control regime, and are currently in danger of unraveling. More info. from Michael Douglas' website.

The Abundance of Central Park

Nearly a quarter billion dollars has been donated to Central Park, NY over the last twenty years. More than $230 million was donated in 1999 alone.

There are 26,000 trees growing, 275 diffferent kinds of birds chirping, and 20 million human visitors each year, with 8,968 wooden benches to sit on. Squirrel count not available.

Bruce Springsteen donates all of the income from the sale of T-shirts and other merchandise at his concerts to selected soup kitchens, veterens' groups and homeless shelters...Lenny Kravitz gave $75,000 to the TJ Martell Foundation for luekemia, cancer and AIDS research in memory of his mother Roxie Roker who died of cancer...The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation awarded $270,000 in Quality of Life Grants to 31 organizations nationwide that help enable and empower people with disabilities...Michael J. Fox joined hundreds of Parkinson's advocates from across the country in Washington, DC where they met with Members of Congress to lobby for an increased federal commitment for Parkinson's research.


Denny's Restaurant has received an award for "Diversity." Hard to believe, but true. Formerly synonymous with discrimination and prejudice, Denny's has completely reinvented itself.

Other award winners come under the categories of "Employee Empowerment," "Global Stewardship," and "Global Ethics." Read all about it: The Council on Economic Priorities' Corporate Conscience Award Winners 2000.

Good Wood

Legislation has been introduced in New York that would ensure that wood used in city building projects does not come from endangered forests. (For example, wooden benches in Central Park.) The proposed legislation also encourages purchasing wood that has been "certified" by independent, third-party forestry certifiers. "Given the size and relative influence of New York City, this is likely to have a very positive effect on wood buying habits in other parts of the country," says Richard Donovan, SmartWood Director at Rainforest Alliance. More info.

The Better Banana Project has helped convince banana companies that significant improvements could be made without eroding production. The BBP verifies that farms meet strict standards, including a prohibition on destroying rainforest. The concept is flourishing.

Reybancorp, a subsidiary of Favorita Fruit Hldg. and Ecuador's second largest banana company, has proven its commitment to the Better Banana Project. The company has planted hundreds of thousands of trees and restored over 17,000 acres within the world's biodiversity hotspots. The company foundation supports 20 schools and manages the famous Río Palenque Science Center, where records have been set for native plant diversity. It has become the first banana company in the world to achieve total compliance with the international environmental and social standards of the Conservation Agriculture Network. More info.

"The context of the media is so soul-destroying in this country...with the rise of so many tabloid shows, so much synthetic talk. It's not even celebrity gossip anymore, it's what we chatter about constantly because we've been destroyed by television."
--Courtney Love

"I would have blown my f____ing head off by now if I didn't believe in God."
--Queen Latifah