Hot and Exotic Soup

The Redbone Dancers

The Redbone Dancers is an exotic entertainment production company, comprised of professional dancers, martial artists, street and club dancers, as well as professional models. Under the artistic direction of Frank West, The Redbone Dancers presents the world with one of the hottest male dance acts yet to be seen.

They use multi-cultural themes along with contemporary music and movement to weave a bold and passionate tapestry of human sensuality. The Redbone experience builds in intensity from rhythmic choreography to an explosion of free-style expression.

Members of The Redbone Dancers have individually and collectively appeared before national audiences in televised interviews and performances on Phil Donahue, Montel Williams, Richard Bey, Rolanda Watts, Geraldo and The Joan Rivers Shows. They are featured in the video "The Purity of Asia" by The Puffy, and are now touring in Japan, Los Angeles, Australia, and New Orleans.

Their performances have been attended by such celebrities as Ru Paul, Geoffrey Holder, Bad Boy Entertainment; and by media representatives from Vibe magazine, Source, and HBO.

In the colorful words of Mr. West,

"The Redbone Dancers cook up a pot of hot and exotic soup,
stirring it from the bottom up, and in the heat of the moment,
we take a heaping helping right off the top and serve it to our
guests, breaking down all their inhibitions until we have them
eating out of our hands!"

This illustration on the left appears on a t-shirt and demonstrates the sensually theatrical qualities of The Redbone Dancers. Raw and enchanting.

To order, indicate size(s) needed, make check payable to The Redbone Dancers and mail to:

The New Sun
P.O. Box 4
New York, New York 10023

Available for club dates, parties and tours.

For more information contact
Frank West, Artistic Director
Or email:

Materials furnished upon request, VHS tape is available by special request.