Opera Ebony's Compact Disk
Front Cover

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What The Critics Have Said About Opera Ebony's Performances:

"The Black singers filled the hall with their voices, making the public forget everything around them and sink into a world of sound. The sound builds a tension that causes our insides to vibrate, alternating between the down-the-spine shivers of a cold shower and a complete feeling of happiness. When the curtain fell, the public awoke from an intensive, complete dream."
Luzerne newspaper, Switzerland

"The concert was a magnificent happening with superb artists."
Morgunbladid Laugardagur, Iceland

"Opera Ebony singers gave a splendid, inspired performance that rocked the theater."
The Sweden Daily, Sweden

"The voice of each of the singers rolled as wide and powerful as the Mississippi. The voice just seem to come from somewhere, spread effortlessly through the hall, shine its own personal colour; beautiful and impressive at the same time -- a rare combination."
Helsingin Sanomat, Finland