Jon Simonds 

I Remember You

Back in '64
You and the other 3
You finally closed the door
We were in mourning then
November 22
A Dallas motorcade
A blackened sky
Once blue

You sang endlessly
About love and peace
And then on April 4
A man who led
Was ceased
He was a man of god
Not into the devil's game
But demons cut him down
For saying we're all the same

And they took Bobby out
Beneath the Cali sun
We shed so many tears
So much hope came undone
But you were there for us
You never shied away
You sang and challenged us
To find a better way

We come into this world
And yes we have to go
And my son Lennon Matthew
Taught me how much we just don't know
The time that lies between
It's all about what we do
I never lost the dream
And always remember you.

* * *

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