Jon Simonds 

You Can't Always Get What You Want

There won't be any talk of a Pandemic Relief Package now that the Notorious RBG has passed. The only talk you'll hear is the talk of pushing a pro-life judge in to her seat which alarms pro-choice voters. The rule imposed four years and some six months ago, was to let the American people decide in the forthcoming election who would choose a Supreme Court Justice replacing then deceased, Antonin Scalia on the bench. Mitch McConnell called upon the decision to be left to the American people to decide. Let the American voter choose a President via the upcoming election to take on the task of choosing a Supreme Court Justice. Under this administration, however, it's a whole new song and dance.

The American Voter no longer matters even though far too many voters are out of work, behind on rent and mortgages, car payments and credit card debt. These are the people who only matter on November 3rd. The rest of the calendar year, those people aren't important. What's really important is overturning Roe V Wade, so women can go back to closets where hangers swing like nooses strangling life. Once that goal is achieved, we can quickly move on to the equally important goal of reversing protections for those with underlying health conditions, written into law by the previous administration and upheld by the Supreme Court largely thanks to the Notorious RBG.

There's a reason they call it health insurance. It's for the healthy. There is no profit in the sick. Dividends are healthy when America is healthy and with healthcare stocks dipping below 300 bucks a share, America isn't looking too healthy right now. Dividends for many of those wealthy politicians seem to have caught a head cold but it's your head sitting on the butchers' block.

Other priorities on their bucket list include defunding Planned Parenthood which offers much more than just the prochoice option. They offer pre-cancer screening and prevention for a big slice of humanity faced with the crushing diagnosis of breast cancer. According to the CDC, female breast cancer is the leading cancer diagnosis in the country. It is followed by prostate cancer and twice as high as lung cancer. While lung cancer tops the charts for the leading cause of death, breast cancer is right behind it. Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of screening and training woman to check for signs of this deadly disease.

Planned Parenthood is also an advocate of counseling for those in crisis, and offer free birth and tests for STD's for our sexually active youth who are fulfilling one of the biological requirements dictating human behavior. In case you don't have the list handy it goes like this: air, water, food, shelter, sex, sleep and companionship. And with respect to companionship, if your relationship is on the rocks, Planned Parenthood can help with that too, through counseling services which have helped many couples work through problems together.

Other programs the Senate would like to end include WIC and food stamps because the deficit has landed on Mars with tax cuts for the rich, with the rocket fuel and pandemic programs designed to turn multimillion-dollar corporations into multi-billion-dollar corporations, serving as the launch code.

I recently walked into a major chain charging $116 bucks an hour in labor costs. I looked the company up online and found the average salary for their laborer was $11.89 an hour. Is it any wonder why those still working can barely make it from paycheck to paycheck? Is it too much to ask of our leaders to stay focused on the Pandemic which may pave the way to a Great Depression? Am I the only one left in awe of why those so committed to bringing life into the world, care so little about the lives already in it?

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