Jon Simonds 

Are You an American?
by Jon Simonds

Are you an American? Do you love your country? Does your country matter to you? Or do you support groups like ISIS, the Taliban or Al-Qaeda? Would you like to rip apart the Constitution and adapt the ideology of Putin's beloved Soviet Union?

I would like to think not. I would like to think your country matters to you. I would hope you cherish the ideology contained in the documents our founding fathers offered the generations of Americans to come, even the parts allowing for the gatherings of peaceful protest. But, I'm not so sure. It's starting to look as if a growing amount of people are paving the way for the collapse of this country I grew up in. This nation I love and believe stands as the beacon of light so many other nations have modeled themselves after.

Let me ask you a rather dumb question. Do you have children, or are you merely someone's child? I don't need to tell you, it takes two to make a child, or to explain how said child is conceived? At the very least we've all had that awkward parental talk about the birds and bees, even if it was most probably in a round-a-bout way. Or maybe you were lucky and your folks were direct and to the point. However, you came upon said knowledge, the knowledge is merely a fact of science and there are some facts you just can't argue with. If you pay for $15 bucks worth of groceries with a $20-dollar bill, you better get five back and there's just no way around it, right?

We're not quite twenty years removed from the worst terrorist attack our nation has ever seen. We are still at war in two separate countries resulting from an assault on our soil. Emergency responders stood on the corners of every town in America taking up a collection for the emergency responders who perished on those darkest of days. We stood not as the lower 48 making up a country, but as one giant suburb of a city sucker punched by a madman. And here we are, under attack yet again. Only this time it is different. This time too many of us are aiding and abetting the enemy destroying us because the enemy is stealth. You can't see him or smell him coming from a mile away, but you will fall to him.

So far, 2.5 million Americans have been floored by him. He has slain 150 thousand of us. He is killing the economy and still, so many Americans play into his hands by giving him the means to grow. You need not be told who the enemy is because there is no way you're living in this country and don't know. There is no way you can fall prey to its propaganda through such films as plandemic, or be led astray by the likes of QAnon; entities that would like nothing more than to see the fall of our great nation.

I must, however ask, if shirts and shoes (to say nothing of clothes) are required to enter public establishments, how is adding a mask a constitutional issue? Masks are 97% proven to inhibit the spread of a disease forcing our fellow Americans to die alone in ICU's all across the country. Masks reduce the rate of transmission so many of our nurses and doctors are fighting to contain. They inhibit the enemy and protect your fellow Americans or am I mistaken.

Are you not an American? Do you have no love of your country? Does this nation we call home no longer matter to you?

* * *