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Robert Young Visits the Edgar Cayce Center

I have never been to a Robert Young event before, so the large turnout at the Edgar Cayce center was surprising. And some of the people looked familiar from other workshop circles. As I sat down, next to a fellow spiritual seeker, I felt right at home. Alright, I must confess, I took notes. Not that they made much sense later, but at least I tried.

Alan Steinfeld grabbed the mike first. And Alan did what he does best, he winged the introduction. He described the energies at a recently attended Earthgate retreat with Robert, as "spontaneously synchronistic and miraculous." He felt transformed by the cosmic memory of who he really was. Robert helped him remember a state of expanded awareness, a place from which it was possible to re-create a whole new world right here, with like-minded others, together. Obviously, he was addressing his own crowd. You could hear a pin drop.

Since most of the attendees have heard Robert before, many were familiar with the story of his car accident that left him brain damaged. That major event had abruptly changed his world. With his former life and self stripped way, he was no longer connected to his own past. Being deprived of logic and reason through a damaged frontal lobe, he was free to lift into a multi-dimensional reality where he was fully aware of being loved and looked after by a benevolent universe.

In this state of self-evident clarity, his destiny was obvious: To hold that openness, creating a funnel into the physical, so others could vibrationally tune into creator source at the same level and our planet could heal through us.

"The Universal You is multi-dimensional and that is the Real World."

He briefly illustrated the invisible wiring between the two realities: the world of the creator, which is the real world; and physical reality, which is the play world. It is our will, focus and intention that keep our presence oscillating between these two. Our decision, like an A/B switch, literally flips us in-between. (He used to earn a living as an electrical engineer.)

According to Robert, the real world's energies are already here and we can feel them. "Simplicity is what characterizes the real world, which is a perfectly safe place. It is not a logical place and is hard to describe using linear, logical terms," he continued. "It is a direct connection to the real world that solves all problems and throwing the switch is our spontaneous decision to do this."

Robert continued: "We directly step up to expanded awareness by consistently keeping 100% of our mind on source. If we decided to do that, we could drop a whole life instantly and still be ok. A calmness, a balance, a knowing happens at that level and everything becomes clear."

This kind of order is only found in the real world. The play world is full of static caused by linear thinking and disconnected people, robbing energy from each other instead of being fueled by something more. A new reality is built by many ascending, entering and then holding the energy of openness to that real world. That is our next step. (Aha, so that's how we create heaven on earth! Got it!)

Earlier, he demonstrated with a visualization exercise. We were asked to picture ourselves at various times and places and then, we shifted to another level, by allowing ourselves to be lifted. The decision of linking, with our full brain, is what brings about connection to the source. "It takes less than two tenths of a second, and it is really simple."

At this state of being, focused on higher self, the solution to any problem reveals itself automatically, and we are totally happy and comfortable. We know that we are safe and totally looked after by the creator. "At all times, think of me and nothing else," was Robert's healing mantra. He clung to that phrase as he leaned against the stability of the natural world physically, the love of those near and dear emotionally, and on total recall of his own origins of consciousness, spiritually. That single minded focus, with support from both worlds, helped him build a brand new life, which is totally flexible, fluid and free.

Either Alan Steinfeld is a promotional genius on the cutting edge — bringing Robert Young to greater public exposure — or I have completely lost my mind.

* * *

Robert Young's website: www.Youngsight.com.

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