People magazine, November 3, 2000

People Magazine

As a reporter for New York City's blood-and-guts Daily News, Lese Dunton remembers colleagues saying things like, "Ooh, a murder!" So in 1989 she left to start The New Sun Newspaper, a publication emphasizing good news. "There are a million treasures out there," she says.

Dunton shifted to the Net in 1994 (it's now and caught the eye of high-placed optimists. George Harrison gave Dunton a rare interview for her first issue; Judy Collins talked about coping with her son's suicide. And Michael Douglas invested after Dunton sent him an issue. "I was so thirsty for good news," he says. "I love the concept."

Using volunteer scribes, Dunton serves up positive fare that includes health, science and do-gooders. She even plans a no-bad-news gossip column. "Instead of digging for dirt," she says, "dig for diamonds."