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Interview with Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Electronic Communicator

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is the co-author, with radio host George Noory, of a book called Talking to the Dead. It explores Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), which means unknown voices captured on tape or digital recordings.

According to her book, "Just about every high-tech communications device imaginable has been used or adapted for the pupose of penetrating other realms."

Lese Dunton: For the person interested in trying EVP for themselves, can they begin by simply turning/scanning the station on their own radio after asking a question...or do they need a special device?

Rosemary Ellen Guiley: Do-it-yourself EVP is simple and easy, and anyone can do it. The best results are obtained when there is a steady background noise. Possible sources include radio static (tuning between stations); running water; and running fans, motors and generators. Radio sweep devices, in which the radio band is scanned at a rapid rate to produce a jumble of background noise, can be purchased at various internet sites, but they are not necessary. Some people get good results without noise, simply by turning on a recorder, asking questions, and leaving 10 to 15 seconds for possible answers.

LD: If a special device is needed or wanted, can you suggest what you have found to be a good low cost product to start with? And if cost is no object, what do you feel is the best product out there right now?

RG: The least expensive device are called "shack hacks," because they are Radio Shack AM-FM radios that are modified internally to scan the radio band. Instructions for modifications can be found on YouTube.

My favorite devices are called Minboxes, made to order by Ron Ricketts, www.paranormalsystems.com.

Another device popular with paranormal investigators is the Ovilus, made by Bill Chappell, www.digitaldowsing.com, which gives out spoken words and sometimes phrases at random based on EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) the device registers in a given environment.

LD: In your own work, can you share an example of a communication that really convinced you, or that stays in you mind and heart as the best one?

RG: When I asked if a communicator of unknown identity had a message, a male voice responded, "Rosemary, do you have a message for me?" We are not the only beings out there searching for contact and answers.

LD: Where do you see the future of EVP going, or where would you like to see it go?

RG: I anticipate our technology and techniques will continue to improve to produce clearer and longer communications, where we can sustain a substantial exchange of information - which in turn will provide better evidence for the afterlife, and for the existence of other beings in other realms. Funding for high quality research would help, but for that to happen, institutions and science have to take this field seriously.

LD: What's it like to tour with this book?

My road travels are a combination of media, lectures and workshops and research and investigations, on a variety of topics. I do a lot of radio from home as well. Since I have more than 47 books out there on a wide range of subjects, I usually deal with multiple topics at any given time. I am glad to see that Talking to the Dead has been well received and is raising awareness about interdimensional communication, as well as a desire for more experimentation. Many people want to experience for themselves the possibilities of contacting the dead and other beings.

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