The New Sun has completed its crowdfunding campaign for Talkettes, an audio platform enabling short soundbites that everyone can embed, anywhere. Your voice in 15 seconds or less.

We wish to thank the following amazingly generous and wonderful people for their contributions:
Larry Heisler                               Rita Heap (jinshinjyutsu-healing)
Chris Engle                                 Elaine Woodall (
Karen Leahy (     Kathy Barrett (
Florinda Mattia                            Garnette Arledge (
Sebastian Ross (              Danny Goldberg (

And to the eleven contributors who wish to remain anonymous...    
...and for Gracious Home's delightful donation of a radio! Hear it. (13 seconds)

The campaign was a success - in money and new collaborations. Next step: working away on the coding with a computer genius. We'll keep you posted!