..Kim Weiss..

Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude
Photograpy by Kim Weiss

No matter how dark the night,
out of the billions and billions of stars...
it is always our own bright star
that pierces the darkness
and brings a new day.
-Richard Bandler

From back the cover:
Our days begin and end the same way: with the rising and setting of the sun. Sometimes brilliant and intense, other times subdued and shrouded in clouds - like life itself - the perspective may change even when the vantage point does not.

In this celebration of life, a year's worth of stunning photographs capture nature at her most elemental and magnificent, and are matched with meditations, passages, poetry and contemplations from some of the best-known inspriationl leaders of our time.

It is a gentle reminder to begin each day with awe and wonder, and end with reflection and gratitude.

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