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Man's Best Therapy
NEW YORK, NY. — Dogs can do almost as much as docs when it comes to making sick children feel better. A pet therapy program sponsored by the Westminster Kennel Club brought lovable canines to Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian.

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Starbucks Customers Break "Pay it Forward" Record

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It all started with one customer who ordered a double-tall, ginger snap latte.

A woman who ordered the tall drink started a domino effect by paying for the drink of the customer behind her in the drive-through line at the Starbucks in Sacramento, which triggered a chain effect and allowed for 109 pay-it-forward drinks, reported KCRA-TV.

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Health Benefits of Pizza

Who doesn't like pizza? It's popular everywhere around the world, and no matter where you are — home, traveling, school, work — an argument always comes up as to who has the best pizza.

Throughout Europe, pizza has been referred to as "the Queen" of the Mediterranean diet and, along with olives, olive oil and fish, pizza is probably one of the most renowned staples of this diet.

Is pizza healthy?

This question has been argued for years. Here's what we know...


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Yellow Submarine Seeks To Understand The Sea

Far out in the Atlantic, a little yellow submarine is exploring the ocean beneath the waves.

Unlike the Beatles song, no one is living in the yellow submarine. It travels all by itself and collects very helpful scientific data.

Without an engine or crew, the "undersea glider" sucks water in to dive down, and then pushes it out again to rise up. It started its mission in New Jersey and is heading all the way to Spain, spending its time between 15 feet and 300 feet deep.

The oceans are still largely unknown, and this super sub carries new information-gathering instruments to increase understanding of life forms and changes in the sea.

Such information can help improve management of coastal areas — regions with the largest fish stocks — which also feel the impact of runoff and other pollution from rapidly rising human populations along the coasts. In addition, the North Atlantic plays a very important role in the dynamics of climate change.

The underwater info is shared with the Navy and other agencies and is expected to help answer some major questions in the next few years.

"It can be done totally remotely," explains Conrad Lautenbacher, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "It can be controlled from a Rec Room in Ohio if necessary."

Rutgers marine gliders:

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Devotion to the Ocean

A wonderful organization called Oceana seeks to "make our oceans as rich, healthy and abundant as they were in our grandparents' youth."

They recently held a fundraiser at Christies in New York. Those in attendance donated generously, made bids in a silent auction, and got an exclusive sneak preview of Christie's annual Ocena Liner sale.

The most talked about items were a never before seen life preserver from the Titanic, and a type-written high school newspaper story by a young lady who escaped the ship.

Everyone there wanted to restore the health of the deep blue ocean, vast and wide. Actor and Board member Sam Waterston, who grew up on the seashore, spoke to the devoted crowd. "We can stop doing the stupid things and do some obviously sensible ones... like a little less fishing," he said.

Oceana's Chief Scientist Mike Hirshfield agreed that "we can fix it." He'd like the high seas to get as much attention as the land does, suggesting "all oceans all the time."

Oceana is the largest international organization focused solely on protecting the world's oceans. To discover their amazing successes, go to

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Pure Water Bottle Doesn't Clog Landfills

This new product is a bottle with a built in filtration system, so you can drink on the go and re-use it. Plus, it's made of good material that won't harm the earth. You don't have to worry about adding to the plastic nightmare that's choking the planet.

Let's hope this is the wave of the future because every year more than 26 billion bottles are thrown away and 16.5 billion gallons of water are wasted to provide Americans with "convenient" access to water.

For more information on this "Wellness H20 Bottle," go to

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Yoga Without Borders

TIJUANA, Mexico. A border "Meetup Group" organized a yoga class on both sides of the fence that divides U. S. and Mexico. The participants of this international group stretched, meditated, and then exchanged hugs throught the fence bars.

The organization promotes cross-border understanding by staging social events on the divided beach. Dan Watman, the coordinator, said they aim to "make friend across cultural, political, societal, even emotional barries."