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A Netherlands Experiment
What to Do With Humanity
The Basically Brooklyn Series

There is an experiment afoot in Utrecht, Netherlands. Its aim is to unearth the question of what to do with humanity? It's a government question born in the face of corporate adversity. After all, governments are concerned with people. They are tasked with maintaining a civil society; for the benefit of the people populating the nation government officials oversee. When governments ignore the needs of the people, history has often shown people collectively have the ability to topple a government.

Corporations are concerned with profit. People don't matter beyond the amount of money a given corporation can suck out of each and every person. There is no greater evidence of this lack of respect for people than the sale of such products like tobacco and the drug filled GMO's we commonly call food. Corporations would like us to think everything they offer is safe like the lead based paints once covering many a wall, or the fire retardant product more widely known as asbestos, tools of profit and corporate gain. Lately, corporations have developed their own "nuclear bombs," otherwise known as technology.

How fast and devastating will these technological advancements be? The answers are pretty obvious to many a governing body. Hence, why this little experiment in Utrecht, Netherlands (there is also one being undertaken in India), is of the utmost importance to governments all across the globe for its success may redefine life for all of humanity.

Take the United States as an example with respect to the daunting technological revolution. Believe it or not, approximately 1 of every 15 employed individuals in this country earns a living behind the wheel of a truck, bus or taxi, including limos and ride-share apps. By 2025, the driverless vehicle won't be something in various stages of development. It will instead, be a way of life. Companies won't pay drivers if they don't need to meaning driverless technology will do away with jobs.

Many jobs are already being eradicated by technology. Machines are doing more and more work for corporations at a cost reduction to those only too eager to embrace them. Take the self-checkout line popping up in retail stores all around the world. They may seem cool and savvy to many a consumer but every self-checkout kiosk is one less job for humanity to fill.

In Utrecht, Netherlands they are aiming to address this problem with something called UBI, a theory redefining life as we have come to know it. UBI is an acronym for Universal Basic Income. It would allow for the head of a household to receive a $1700 dollar a month check from the government, with an additional $400 per child – no work required, because theoretically, there won’t be any, or at least not enough to go around. UBI, however, won't stop the flow of spending which keeps economies going and governments governing so people can function in an orderly, civil society. A society supported by taxes on the income of corporations redefining life for the masses, and the money of those masses, they so deeply desire.

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