..Rita Heap..


What is mind anyway? In what part of the body does it dwell? Is it this illusive entity that attaches itself to a being, and convinces the being that without mind they could not exist? It works very hard at overriding the Soul. It rules by illusion. Making one think the mind is thinking for them, helping in making good decisions and having good judgment.

In the meantime, the mind is just running through its files of stored information and experiences to justify the conclusion, making people believe it is the only truth. Mind rarely consults with soul, unless the being is conscious of the difference between mind and soul. The mind thinks it knows better because of the knowledge and information it has stored in its own files, believing it is truth, the only truth, no matter where the source.

Then is mind akin to ego? Are they one and the same?

From the very moment of conception the mind begins to gather information. It may already have some stored somewhere in the core of its inception. It is forever present so that it may record every experience to use at a later date.

It is capable of veiling the Divine Truth. Many times it appears to be virtuous and it possibly can be. It is even able to make one believe it has made some extraordinary discoveries. Admittedly some of the information it stores is truth and does have greater value. That is possible if the information has come from a place of genuine intent, a higher consciousness.

So it appears mind records an experience or information and proceeds to expound (...to set forth, to defend with argument to explain by setting forth in careful and often elaborate detail) on it. It makes up a story that it believes is true whether it is or not, based on the information in its files. The being acts on the story forgetting soul is the source of truth. Sometimes people believe mind is what makes the being a great thinker. Is it mind that chooses to forget the connection of soul with the Source so it can rule?

Mind records all information true or false. What it chooses to expound on makes the difference.

What if there were no mind? Would a being live a life that is more evolved, a life of greater wisdom? Do the great sages of all times have a mind such as that of mere mortals?

Really...where is mind? Where does it dwell? How does it serve?


Have we met a relationship that is truly whole? Be it a friendship, a companionship a partnership or a union of two souls. There is this constant longing, or search for who and what we are that it is possible we brush up against a relationship that is true and miss it. To find a relationship that gives us the freedom to soar. Having the freedom to explore and grow. It is possible for two souls to soar independently together. Joined together yet not imprisoned.

The ultimate relationship is to give the other person the freedom to be without binding. There are two people soaring side by side without infringement on the other. There is a supporting of the other's growth; each one enhancing the aspirations of the other in every moment. Sometimes we lose this ability because we have expectations spoken or unspoken. Expectations serve as chains that bind another's spirit. Even if these expectations were not spoken they wrap another in an aura of guilt and failure, feeling unable to satisfy, to come up to the unspoken expectations.

In a true relationship both grow, rejoice, and love limitlessly tirelessly and unconditionally. Joining their dreams and empowering each other. Love flows it doesn't even need to be spoken. It's just there, it just IS.


Rejection is a disarming of someone's power. There is this human condition that measures worth by the acceptance or embrace of others. Many have yet to accept and embrace themselves, how can they accept or embrace another when they indeed have not done that for themselves? Many continue walking around disarmed by the rejection of the rejected.

* * *