Lese Dunton  
Michael Douglas on Democracy

First the downside:

  • General disrepair, a breaking down of the system.

  • A number of treaties have broken down.

  • Some countries are forming a more populist regime, less democratic.

  • Even with our elections, there were questions about manipulations.

  • We have this world crisis with the pandemic, which is affecting all the countries in the world right now, neutralizing them to some extent. We have vulnerabilities in China, in Russia, the United States, I think it's 180 countries.

    And now the upside:

  • With this vulnerability, we have a chance to be a little more open, or to discuss more clearly, what's going on. As I see the tragedy of this pandemic I'm also thinking, what are the hopeful sides for the future? It's an opportunity.

  • The climate issue. I think we've all been struck by how much clearer the skies have become - in such a very short period of time. So we actually get to see a real result - by accident - just how we can affect our climate.

  • We've all had a chance to see several local governors in operation. It doesn't matter what party they're from, but we've seen a number of governors who seem willing to rise up to the moment and take care of their states.

  • I think the only control we have going forward is our elections. Represent.Us is doing a great job at making our elections more viable, particularly with all of the local issues. We have so much, the analysis, the safety issues, and the question about mailing in for votes.

    Gleaned from his introduction to "Democracy in the Time of Covid," presented by Represent.Us.

    Michael stars in the Golden Globe Award-winning \Kominsky Method (Netfix) on Netflix. He's also back as Hank Pym in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.