..Mim Nelson-Gillett..

Who's to Say You Aren't Lucky?

We hear lot about miracles, affirmations, and other means to get the Universe to bend to our wills, but did you know there can be a negative side-effect to all that positive effort? It's just that when you try so hard to think positively that you break a sweat, part of your mind may wonder, "If takes so much work, does that mean I'm basically negative?" The mind is perverse like that!

Have you ever been right in the middle of a glorious moment of intending and affirming when a discouraging thought popped in, like, "Who are you kidding? Things like that don't happen to ordinary people like you"?

Can we really change the way we think, what we expect and what we end up having in life?

Luckily for all of us, ordinary is actually pretty incredible. Even without trying we are constantly attracting unexpected and miraculous opportunities!

Am I suggesting that you just relax and trust that it will all be ok? Not exactly, but it isn't a bad place to begin. Just trust yourself first; then see how much more effective your actions are.

A few weeks ago I had an unexpected opportunity to go to Hawaii while a friend was away... provided I left the following day! It seemed like a crazy idea, but I wasn't doing anyone much good staring at the harsh winter landscape and watching The Bachelor.

My whole body said "Oh yes, please go!" but as always, waited for my mind to make the final decision. Obligingly, my mind attempted to evaluate, consider, raise an objection, project, but for once it couldn't find a single thought, like a radio scanning for reception when you're out of range of a signal.

Plus, I had to pack.

When I arrived in Honolulu I was met at the airport and given my friend's car to enjoy for the next 2 weeks. As I sat on the beach that first evening watching the sunset I wondered, "How did I suddenly get so lucky?"

It struck me that I always believed I had a bad sense of timing and that it was high time to drop that story. What would life be like if I thought I was lucky?

Do you have a negative expectation hiding under positive affirmations? What if you looked at your life through another's eyes and honestly saw how lucky you are? What would you try if you thought a little effort was all it would take to connect you with the opportunity you hope for? What would you do if you knew the experience would be worth it, regardless of the outcome?

Spring is about beginnings and boldness and singing your own tune. So spring forward with courage!

Who's to say you aren't lucky?

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