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Londoners and New Yorkers in the Same Boat
UK Dating Service Offers NY'ers Free Membership

With so much work at the office, who has time for dating? In London, over 10,000 busy, hard-working people have found a solution. Thanks to an online dating service called Lovestruck.com, these romantic hopefuls leave their desks for a quick lunch date, or meet for a drink at the end of the day — without straying too far from the office.

If there's no chemistry, a guy or gal can just return to work or head home without too much awkwardness. And if there's a spark, the two have their working neighborhood in common as a good beginning.

Now Lovestruck.com is coming to New York, and the first 2,000 people who sign up receive a free membership.

Marketing consultant Brett Harding, who set up the site, based the search engine on where people work. "It's totally different to anything else that is out there," Harding told Reuters.

Using the work-based approach to finding romance bridges the chasm between speed dating and normal dating.

"Speed dating is three minutes and mentally exhausting as you circle the room and talk to people. Conventional dating is time intensive and you do invest an awful lot in it," he said. "You know if the chemistry is there in minutes. If you go out at lunchtime you have the perfect get-out clause — I've got to get back to the office."

Whether you work near Picadily Circus or Times Square, there may be something exciting happening around the corner.

"This is fantastic for the busy, single London and New York professionals who know what they want," Harding said.