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Deep Immune Broth

Editor's Note: This delicious broth helps boost the immune system no matter what you're going through. It's incredible. I drank it every day for months to build myself up during and after lyme disease and it helped me more than anything else!

Here is Jennifer Costa's recipe, with an introduction:

...Begin simply. Start on a nourishing level. Given here is a simple recipe for a powerfully nutritive broth that will benefit those with compromised immune systems, support those with recurrent colds, flus, infections, lyme disease, and chronic conditions. It helps restore vitality, particularly during and after any debilitating illness, prolonged medical treatments or hospital stays. It is safe for children, elders and all in between, and does not interact with medications for it works on a nourishing level. It happens to taste good too.

One testimonial reported reduced recovery time after surgery. She arranged for a loved one to deliver her broth while in the hospital and during recovery time at home. The idea is to offer your immune system a nourishing feast. Your immune system will surely respond with rejuvenated, adaptive power and support your transition through the many shifts we are all experiencing.

Deep Immune Broth
6 dried or 12 fresh Shiitake Mushrooms
6 cloves of fresh Garlic, smashed & peeled
1 Tlb dried or 2 Tlb fresh chopped Burdock Root
3 inch piece fresh Ginger Root chopped
6 small or 2 large dried Astragalus Root slices
2-3 Tlb. Olive Oil
1-2 Tlb. organic Miso paste
8-9 cups Spring Water
1 Fo-ti root slice (optional)

Directions: If using dried mushroom, soak in 2 cups of the water, warmed, for 20 minutes. Remove from water and save the water for later. Add Olive Oil to a stock pot and saute mushrooms, ginger, garlic, burdock root, fo-ti, and astragalus root for 2-3 minutes only, stirring often. Add remaining water and mushroom soaking liquid. Slowly bring this to a gentle simmer and simmer 20-30 minutes covered. Remove from heat. In a separate cup mix the miso with 1/4 cup of the liquid to form a paste. Add this to the broth and stir gently. Allow your broth to steep covered for 1-2 hours.

Strain and drink warm 1/2 cup 3x/day (adult recommend amount). Refrigerate the remaining broth and warm gently on the stove before drinking. Do not boil as you'll destroy the benefits of the miso. No microwaving please! You may also use this broth to cook grains and vegetables or add to or use as a soup stock. The mushrooms, garlic, burdock root and ginger may be eaten; astragalus and fo-ti roots should be removed as they are too tough to eat. Enjoy!