..Jon Simonds..

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Editor's note: The New Sun does not endorse or favor any candidate.

Why would anyone vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton? The former First Lady lacks the charm, of say, John Edwards. She certainly does not possess the enthusiasm of Barack Obama. Her religious convictions pale in the face of Mike Huckabee, and her strength and conviction when dealing with law and order, to say nothing of the ever constant threat of terrorism, fail to inspire the same confidence of Rudy Guiliani.

Then there's the gender thing. So far, Hillary is being treated as one of the guys, but she is a woman with a real shot at the White House and there are issues that will be raised. Politics is dirt and the dirt will fly. Many women suffer from PMS. Is Hillary past this, or can we look forward to, at least, one international crisis a month? If she is past this, what is the next stage? Do we want someone flooded with tears right in the middle of a major press conference because, well — I'm not sure I ever understood those things, but they are real. They do happen and then, of course, there is the matter of Bill. As this nation's potential First Lady-Man, can this Presidential hopeful really be comfortable with Bill entertaining the wives of Prime Ministers, Kings and Presidents? Could that be any less of a threat than a nuclear armed Iran?

Why in the world would you vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton? It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that Health Insurance is for the Healthy. Every year, health insurance companies raise their premiums for both you and your employers, and every year these same health insurance companies have the right to drop you as the result of a pre-existing condition. These conditions usually inhibit your ability to live a normal, healthy life and thus pay an ever increasing premium to an insurance company that will drop you like a dish full bacteria when you really need them the most. Is Hillary Clinton really suggesting that insurance is about Health, Not About Being Healthy? Why vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton?

The last time a Clinton was in the White House, a deficit was turned into a surplus. In the last seven years that surplus has turned into the largest deficit in the history of our nation. Foreclosures are at a record setting pace. Credit debt is collapsing into a sea of collections. Banks are buckling under the weight and selling themselves to foreign interests. The current ideology is not working. Some of the alternatives include raising the minimum wage, making the Employee Free Choice Act a law, restoring the right to overtime pay. are some of the things on the Clinton agenda. Does your buck bring the bang of ten years ago; or is it now more of a sputter and a cough?

Why vote Clinton? First off, no other candidate has enjoyed the experience of spending one term in the White House, let alone two. Hillary Clinton, more so than any rival from any party, knows what she is getting herself into. She knows what the job entails and she is quite confident that she can do it. She can help make America be a more livable country for the hardest working Americans. She can restore pride in a great nation and she can offer an ace in the hole. As the First Lady-Man in the White House, she has an experienced President to talk to; one who is loved and respected all around the world. As an Ambassador of Good Will, Bill Clinton can ease the world's anxieties over America's direction. He can restore trust and faith in our nation as a working partner in our world.

Yes. There are a lot of people that loath the Clintons (Hush, Rush. Think of the ratings coup four years of Clinton will give you), but one single act of terror should not be allowed to bring down a nation. It should not send us off in a direction where we become more like our enemy than ourselves. Ours is a country of equal opportunity and freedom. Ours is a nation that stood as an example for the economic growth now enjoyed by so many other nations. Ours is a nation of a wealth of intelligence that can solve our problems as opposed to finger pointing and whining. Why not vote? Why not vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton?

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