from three wonderful books...

Finding Love, Hope, and Joy in Everyday Life

by Ardath Rodale

We have all been planted in this world for a special reason, and as we proceed in our years, it is like unraveling a mystery story to discover who we really are. Each of us writes our script each day.

Remember that whatever your age, you can always share that inner glow and spread your gifts to light a part of the world. Each of us is the author of our unique mission here on Earth. Give birth to your dreams!

Don't The Moon Look Lonesome
by Stanley Crouch

What brought her closest at the start were the tales he told of his own first years in New York. She went to meet him out in Brooklyn at the Botanical Garden the spring just a year after Bobo was dead. He looked so masculine among the plants and she reveled in the fabulous collective smell of all those different kinds of flowers and greenery. It was a perfect place for her to fall in love. She didn't know that much about him then but felt both her force and his weaving together as Maxwell went autobiographical on her.

John Adams
by David McCullough

John Adams could be high-spirited and affectionate; vain, cranky, impetuous, self-absorbed, and fiercely stubborn; passionate, quick to anger, and all-forgiving; generous and entertaining. He was blessed with great courage and good humor, yet subject to spells of despair, and especially when separated from his family or during long periods of prolonged inactivity.