..Jon Simonds..

Education Warriors
The Basically Brooklyn Series

Are You a Warrior? (10 seconds)

Education is the single most powerful tool an individual can arm oneself with on this long, mysterious journey of life. It can break the cycle of poverty any given family has fallen into; building self-esteem while converting dreams into the solid foundations of reality. Stepping through the doorway of any school is to walk into the realm of a time machine; to take part in a game of wits and to emerge triumphant, a winner of a game, an architect of each puzzle presented and solved. There are no challenges that cannot be over come but there are demons lurking in the shadows with outstretched arms strangling our educators and heaping tons of worthless weight upon the shoulders of our weary students.

Yes. Education is a socialist program supported by government, locally and federally through districts funded by taxpayer money. The growing anti-tax movement is a sinkhole in the face of our educators as the educated (many of whom received their education in the same "socialist program") design standardized testing to illustrate failure in the face of students who are indeed learning lessons, getting educated. Grading schools only serves to tear down the very self-esteem an education is meant to build. What good is getting straight A's in an institution that garners straight F's?

Schools are not designed to turn a profit, to show a tangible, spendable return on our investment. The profits of our education are reflected in our leaders of tomorrow, both in politics, business and the arts. If we don't produce the very best today, what kind of a nation will we be tomorrow? We should increase our school budgets, not shrink them. Our schools are the most important investment we can make in our nation's future. Our schools are indeed our National Security. Those who would inhibit, undermine our educator's are a threat to the very fabric of our nation.

~Our schools need all the allies they can get.~

Parents are in a position to be the strongest of allies but I fear too many parents see education as a furlough from parenting, a place to drop the kids. Education should not end when bell of dismissal rings. It should continue through out the day with parents in tune to the lessons being learned in any given day as well as continuing to teach such important lessons as responsibility and time management.

Are our local PTA's overflowing with participating members, or, are we failing to make time for our schools? Parent Teacher Associations are a union of allies in the fight to make our students the very best they can be. Are we truly active parents focused on our kids future or innocently passive in our parenting?

Let us not forget those leading the fight to overcome the obstacles our educator's face: our students. They are the warriors leading the charge in this battle not to degrade our system of education, but to improve it. To bring us back to a place where our students are among the best in the world. To overcome the exhaustion and sometimes boredom of going to school and grasp the true meaning of being educated for the rewards of a future seemingly so far away. Before you know it, tomorrow is today.

It's a brand new year for elementary, middle school and high school students. You are the warriors defining your schools, the keeper of a nation's future. Are you up for the challenge?

Triumph on then, for us all.

* * *