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Movie Review: The Eagle Huntress

In this film a 13-year-old girl named Aisholpan is determined to be an eagle huntress, even though the tradition has always been for boys and their fathers.

The eagle, once captured and trained, helps to catch foxes, whose coats are much-needed in the freezing Mogolian mountains.

I'm grateful for Aisholpan's strong and smiling face, which remains in my mind and heart. Her quiet confidence is an inspiration. She loves life, her family, and her friends with a gentle serenity and joy. She knows what she wants, without fears or doubts. She doesn't need to brag, nor does she need to convey concerns, she simply goes forward with the next steps on her journey of mastery.

The stark beauty and harshness of nature and survival in the mountains is portrayed with great clarity. So is the faith and togetherness of family and community life. Even those who disagree with Aisholpan's quest are treated with respect and a listening ear.

I also like how she nurtures and praises her eagle and how her father does the same for her. The mother is delightful too.

I highly recommend The Eagle Huntress to all moviegoers - girls and boys, young and old. It could be especially appealing for those who want to reconnect with their desires, their natural abilities, and self-confidence.

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