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An Interview with Dr. Ranjie Singh
President of 7th Dimension Health

Dr. Singh is a neuroscientist, writer, businessman, global educator, and pioneer.

His upcoming Global Rennaissance Conference has a wonderful mission: "...to co-create and usher in the spiritual renaissance..."

He has also dicovered scientific ways to boost the pineal gland to produce more Melatonin - without pills. This has very important therapeutic implications for breast and prostrate cancer, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

Lese Dunton: I know 7th Dimension Health is presenting a big conference. How does the "Global Rennassiance Conference" work?

Dr. Ranjie Singh: Starting in 2012, you can attend in Canada or go online. When all these world experts do their presentations, you tap in with your password and it will be streamed to millions globally. I said, "God, thank you." We'll probably end up having many languages. You can tap in right through your t.v. screens as well.

That's the future for global virtual dissemination of information. No one will be exempted because by not having money or you can't travel, including the sick or the elderly.

LD: You're disseminating on-the-forefront information in a high tech way, so it's cutting edge on every level.

DS: A lot of workshops and seminars - you know, economics, business - it's sort of very segmented. Ours is very much multi-disciplinary.

LD: There's something for everyone.

DS: Yes, everybody. At the end of the day, everyone has a soul and that's what we want to emphasize. We'll have this guy at our conference, Fred Alan Wolf, and his topic is, "How Quantum Physics Confirms the Existence of the Soul."

My work, in particular self-healing, started when I as was a young boy, 12 or 14, I was always fascinated with yoga and with the mind and soul. I was studying neuro-sciences, that's my training. I remember the professor asking me about what I wanted to study. I said I want to find this thing called soul. He said, "What? We don't teach those things here."

I said, "Oh, really, you don't?" I was kind of young and stupid at that time. I was so fascinated when I did the brain dissection and I saw the pineal gland. I spent my life on the pineal gland.

Many years ago the pineal gland was considered useless. The old philosophers call it the seat of the soul. I'm supposed to be one of the world experts on the pineal gland and Melatonin. When I did my doctoral dissertation I was going to do it on mind and soul. And an intuitive voice said, do it on the pineal gland.

I said "What? The pineal gland? There's no evidence of anything." When I began to do work in the pineal, I found it to be not only photosensitive but also psycho-sensitive, to your thoughts.

Meditation, certain techniques will activate, sort of kick start, or boost the pineal gland to produce more Melatonin. It also has very important therapeutic implications for breast and prostrate cancer, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

Now we have a non-pharmalogical methods to activate that gland. When you get to 40, 45-50, the gland begins to not to produce as optimally then. So the idea is these mind body techniques, mantra intonation, visualization, meditation and so on begin to keep it optimal, for more Melatonin output. So you minimize the risk of these disorders.

So I said, "Wow the ancient philosophers were right then." Not only do I look at the physiology and the neuro-endincrinology and all that fancy stuff. That's my training in neuro-sciences - physiology, I also measured all the states of consciousness in the person.

I was able to show that when you do engage in meditative practices, you actually move from objective to subjective to a very deep subconscious state.

It's in that higher altered state that you experience peace profound, you attune to the universal quantum field - and you also activate and harmonize your entire neuro-immuno-endocrine system.

People can get confused with information overload. There's a lot of disinformation too.

LD: Sometimes, whether you're healthy or sick, it's a lot to figure out.

DS: With herbs, you don't just take an herb. Do you know what it's doing to your kidneys? A lot of people just want to make a killing without really looking at the optimal health of the person.

Our mission is to co-create and usher in the spiritual renaissance, to show people how to try to be fully functional human beings - self-actualizing, physically, psychological and spiritually. If you are very strong in your physical pillar - most people are not - but even if you are, then if you're not strong in your psychological pillar, then you have depression. And if you have no respect for the universal cosmic mind, or you don't have a strong spiritual foundation, well then, all your accomplishments are without enduring value.

Many years ago, in 1962, they asked one of the Nobel Prize winners, "In the year 2000, in what field will the Nobel Prizes be awarded?" He looked at them and said, "In the field of consciousness studies." At that time it was weird, weird stuff. Consciousness studies? And that's kind of what I've specialized in. They said, "What do you think is the problem with humanity today?" He said, "Man's material might has created a ship of steel so powerful that the very compass of the ship points in the direction of the ship rather than the true direction."

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