..Rosemary Christle-Renaud..

Dolphin Dreams

My sister, Rhonda, has Multiple Myeloma. During her five year struggle with this cancer she has been my inspiration; not only because Rhonda remains positive, but more importantly, she has led me in a new direction spiritually.

Rhonda often used visions of swimming off the Kona coast of Hawaii with the wild dolphins to get her through some tough times. My sister Roxann and I wanted to make her vision a reality. Last November we accomplished that goal and provided Rhonda with her dream trip. The three of us flew to Hawaii and stayed for a week. On the day of our big adventure, we headed to a marina and boarded a boat, Captain Derek and our guide, BethAnn. piloted us out into the open sea.

As we cruised up the coast, with the black lava as a backdrop for the green of the trees, BethAnn told us about the dolphins and their daily habits. She explained we would get a chance to see adults with their young. We watched as Captain Derek searched the ocean and then slowed the boat to a stop.

To our delight, swimming toward us was a pod of spinner dolphins, the parents protecting and teaching the babies how to spin. We followed our guide and slid into the warm salty water. At first, I was apprehensive. The sea that day was rolling and I felt my body rise and drop with the waves. I was worried about the surf crashing over my head and allowing water to flow into my mouth through the snorkel. But then I heard the dolphins' playful chatter as they called to each other. It was a sound with hints of musical notes and I felt soothed by the melody. Looking through my mask I was amazed at the clarity of the water and thrilled to watch the dolphins frolic directly below us.

Suddenly, the pod began to circle and swim from the depths below, my sisters and I watched as they rushed to the surface beside us. We were so delighted we couldn't contain ourselves, "Awesome" all three of us cried as we pulled the snorkel masks from our faces. We swam and played with the dolphins all morning. Eventually, the pod moved on to a bay where they would rest for the afternoon.

As Rhonda, Roxann and I sat on the back of the boat heading toward shore I felt a glow rise in me. I looked at Roxann and enjoyed the glance of acknowledgement she gave me. We had been successful in our mission to bring Rhonda her dream. The smile of joy and the tears of gratitude on Rhonda's face were contagious and the three of us joined hands in silent sisterhood.

With the wind whipping my hair as it dried into a sea salt mess and my face turning red from the sun, I acknowledge the day with a thankful prayer of gratitude.