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Book Excerpt: Discover the Gift

Discover this Gift is a beautiful book and movie by brother and sister Demian Lichtenstein and Shajen Joy Aziz. It inspires people to find their unique gifts and to share them with the world. To be who you really are!

Demian and Shajen are now touring the U.S. with this profound production. Their intent is to "open your heart so it may begin to unfold as you connect with your true essence..." Their mission has become a movement, soon to offer workshops and seminars.

Spiritual leaders and transformational teachers who are also a part of this project include His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, Lucia De Garcia, Jack Canfield, Dr. Sonia Powers, and His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Below is an excerpt for your reading pleasure and spiritual growth...

What Is the Gift?

There are so many ways to talk about the Gift. Every day I find a new way to think about the Gift and to express the Gift. Life is the Gift. Consciousness is the Gift. The people in your life are Gifts. It is all the Gift.

Every circumstance that you experience is a Gift, both the good ones and those in which you think, "How can I ever get over this? How can I ever get through this?" They're all a Gift because they're available for us to take the opportunity to learn from them, to grow from them, to transform, to be aware of our surroundings and how we affect everyone and everything in our world.
-Sonia Powers

Everyone has a Gift to give. It's the essence of who they are.
-Jack Canfield

Throughout this book it is our intention to illuminate a fundamental truth that so often goes unexplored: We each possess a unique Gift, a purpose in life that always seeks to express itself. By uncovering, studying, nurturing, and allowing the miracle of our Gifts to flourish, we have discovered how we can experience joy, power, fulfillment, freedom, and unconditional love.

We know that you can, too.

This may sound like an extravagant promise, but we have seen the power of this discovery in our own lives and in the lives of countless others.

This is what we hope to show you, not by introducing you to some exotic practice, telling you to believe in a supreme being, or asking you to simply repeat a magic phrase.

None of that is necessary.

In fact, you will be astonished at how simple it is to fi nd the path that will lead you to your true self, the place where your true Gift dwells.

Whether or not you know it, you already have the Gift. You don't have to search for it outside of yourself. It has been with you and within you for your entire life, just as it has been a part of every person on the planet since before the dawn of recorded history.

And yet even though the Gift is something we all share, your Gift is also completely and exclusively specific to you.

The Gift can be described in many ways: It's your true nature, your purpose and reason for being, your authentic self in harmony with the universe, your passion, your highest vibration, your calling, the joy and love you share with the world. What we mean by the Gift is finding, identifying, and realizing the authentic you and then giving that Gift to others. To live your life from that space, to discover your Gift, you must journey into the depths of who you are: the unique and divine essence incarnated on this planet as you. In fact, long before you picked up this book, you were on that journey. Even though you may not have been consciously aware of it, you have been diligently working to live your Gift. You can't help yourself.

It is why you are here.

Discover the Gift is a journey of self-understanding and self-appreciation of that divine essence. So here is the "secret" before we even begin:

You are the Gift. The Gift is you. Congratulations.

A great deal of attention in recent years has been focused on the law of attraction. We believe it is also vital to recognize that there are other equally important laws for personal growth that govern or affect our existence-and, unfortunately in the past, have often been ignored. It is our intention to show that all these universal principles need to work together for a life of harmony and balance.

When we recognize the combination of forces at work in our lives,

Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny — he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally — you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you.

The first step we'd like to talk about is receptivity. It is about being open to all possibilities and allowing yourself to grow in the direction of those possibilities. Being receptive acknowledges that the universe is always trying to teach us things and guide us. Receptivity begins with learning how to listen to your own soul, your own inner source, and allowing these insights to enter into your heart and mind. By holding a receptive state of awareness, you harmonize with the vibration of that which is trying to emerge. Your mind and heart can now register the mystery and possibilities that are revealed.

When you are receptive, you allow miracles to happen. The truth is that miracles are happening around us all the time, but we don't always notice them because we are not always open to them. We are too caught up in the drama of our life situation and it closes us off from the beauty of meaningful experience. Being receptive allows you to see new possibilities — new ways of being that hadn't occurred to you before.

For Demian and me, being receptive relates directly back to the phone call when we reconnected. Demian had asked me a crucial question:

"Will you forgive me?" If either of us had not been open and receptive to a new start, our lives would have continued to drift apart and we wouldn't be here, now, sharing our story with you.

When you are in this open state, your true essence, your true nature, will begin to shine through. You will begin to see your Gifts. Clear messages will come to you through multiple means. You may be experiencing more coincidences in your life, or suddenly opportunities to share your Gift begin to show up. When you discover your Gift, your life changes. Your self- esteem flourishes because you can feel yourself beginning to live the life you were meant to live. Your newfound joy over who you are creates a vibrational presence. Your energy, communication, compassion, and understanding shift, allowing you to see the world in new ways. Your opportunities have always been there, awaiting your notice.

Opening ourselves to the possibility of possibility allowed the two of us to reconnect after so many years apart. It allowed for compassion to emerge and grow. Compassion came from being able to forgive. Receptivity to forgiveness transformed our souls and unlocked new pathways to our Gifts.

Endless Possibilities
Let us define possibility itself. If you take away every thing and you are left with no thing, then what is possible? Any thing. So, it is in this place of "every thing" and "no thing" that we engage possibility. Think of it this way. You have a glass jar that is filled with pennies. By removing all the pennies, you are left with empty space, but in that empty space you can now deposit quarters or flowers or jewelry you craft with your child. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

You are undoubtedly curious about the possibilities Discover the Gift holds for you, and perhaps you are ready to jump right in. Or perhaps you are still a little reticent to buy into what you may fear is the latest fad. Practicing receptivity at this stage is just a way of opening yourself to the concept that within you is something powerful and life giving, a quality as unique to you as your DNA.

Opening yourself to the possibility of something powerful within you can be a simple step. "Can be" are the key words here. A lot of times we can change our lives simply by becoming aware of what we're thinking about, then thinking about something else. But it's not always that easy.

Perhaps you have suffered so much in your life that you doubt whether you were even meant to exist. Let us assure you that we know, without an ounce of doubt, that you (yes, you) were created to experience joy, contentment, and a sense of belonging. This does not imply that discovering your Gift is an easy task, but allow yourself to give in a little and let that last sentence resonate within you.

It's important to keep in mind that receptivity implies and goes hand in hand with flexibility. It means you are willing to abandon preconditions and expectations about who and what you are. Receptivity is about openness, and flexibility is about being fluid. When you are receptive and fluid, you are able to consider new potentialities around you, able to flow with the vibrational current of the universe.

We have learned that we must not always be set on expecting things to be a certain way. Rather, we know that great Gifts come in unexpected packages.

What comes to you as you become receptive may seem at first mundane, or even more than you can handle. But at this stage you do not need to do anything more than acknowledge the thoughts, ideas, and impressions that come to you when you're practicing your breathing or reflecting on what you are learning. See them, note them, and let them go. What you notice could be as simple as the sound of windswept leaves, or the stirring of your own spirit in need of your attention. No need to analyze any of this now.

Just remember to receive with flexibility. Expect to be confused, excited, disappointed, or even surprised, and know that it is okay. You've only just opened the door to discovering yourself in this way, and it may take a little time before what you find comes together as a whole.

# # #

For more information, go to www.discoverthegift.com.