..Lese Dunton..

A Powerful Influence

Reader's Digest launched a new section on their website called "The Daily Upside."

This section fits seamlessly with the rest of the site, as well as with the original publication, which has been a positive and life-affirming force since 1922. Old reliable and new reliable are taking us into the digital age of upside possibilities, wisdom and good cheer.

The words used in the headlines immediately lift the spirit.

For example, "...have a better experience...glimmer of hope...balance...without the stress...success... business...garden...great places." It makes you want to take a deep breath of gratitude — and start smiling at the thought of more good things.

Fresh-daily content is hand-picked and fed from such places as Time, CNN, Yahoo, Health, Oprah, ReadersDigest.com, and many more.

Reader's Digest has long been a globally-oriented magazine, reaching an estimated 40 million people in more than 70 countries in 21 languages.

I would love to see its Daily Upside invite the 70 countries and 21 languages to offer even more content of this nature.

Can you imagine uniting the world with positive reporting and storytelling? The timing is just right. If anyone can do it, it's Reader's Digest.