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Community Supported Agriculture Keeps Growing
Annual Conference Unites Farmers and City Folk

On Saturday, March 5th New Yorkers were lucky to have Just Food's "11th Annual CSA in NYC Conference."

There were workshops, panel discussions and food – lunch was fantastic! Even the caterer, Great Performances, has its own farm and participates in the Manhattan Downtown CSA. Anyone can join!

A CSA gives consumers the opportunity to buy a share of the harvest from a local farmer. For a payment of around $475 per season (June - September), families receive a weekly delivery of fresh food direct from a local farm. By purchasing direct from the farmer, a CSA cuts out the middleman and is the least expensive way for consumers to purchase fresh, local, organic food.

In 2010, more than 30,000 New Yorkers participated in over 100 CSAs located in all five boroughs of New York City. JustFood.org works with over 50 farmers from the tri-state area to provide vegetables, meat, dairy, fruit, flowers and other local products to CSA groups.

Even in the midst of winter you can enjoy freshly frozen fruits and vegetables through WINTER SUN FARMS. The color and look of the fruits and vegetables will sell you alone! Just pick up from your neighborhood CSA.

How about growing your own sprouts? There are CSA shares for that too! You can turn any salad into a crunchy, nutritious delight by simply joining "Garden of the Month." You will receive .5 lb per month. A year share goes for $60.

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