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Even When the Economy Gets Better,
Coupons Will Remain Cool

A pleasant side effect of the present economic weirdness is the increase of coupons. Thank you very much, internet.

Cyndi Edwards is a host of the television show, Daytime in Tampa Florida. She's really good at this online coupon technique and can quickly find herself saving money, enjoying free shipping, and telling her friends the scoop.

Lese Dunton: How does it work with PromotionCode.org, for example? (Note: See bottom of this page to try it out.)

Cyndi Edwards: People submit these promotional codes and rank them and tell you when it last worked, so that makes it easy because sometimes you find old coupons that have expired. On PromotionCode it tells you, okay, the last time this worked was January 27th. So you that you know, chances are, if I go through the trouble of putting in this code, it's going to work. So that's nice.

LD: So it's an extra service.

CE: Yes, and they take the best of the best. It's a good resource. I've been saving money. It's like a little bonus. Especially the free shipping. I love those ones.

LD: Could you take me through it step by step?

CE: I could first go someplace like PromotionCode and see what they've got. They could have a Foot Locker on there or something. Or a brand, like $30 off Nike. Then I'd go to the code and get it, then I'd probably go to the Nike store and use it.

Like right now, as we talk, I'm noticing on PromotionCode's site: Kohl's promotion codes, Macy's promotion codes, Amazon, Apple Store, Banana Republic, and when I click on that it give me the codes and all the different things I can use at that store, where I get a discount.

LD: Interesting.

CE: There's 15% off on everything that you can find at Kohl's right now. For example, there's an Argyle sweater-vest for $8.00, originally $40. It's great! It really is.

Sometimes, let's say I'm looking for Aerosoles (shoes), so I'll put in a Google search for Aerosole and then I'll find the store that has the best price and then I'll take that store name and put it in a Google search with the words "promotion code" and it will come up.

Or, if I don't get a promotion code for Aerosoles specifically - let's just say they're at Dillard's or something - then I'll put in "Dillard's promotion code" into Google and I'll see what I get there. There's always a way to find a deal.

Now I always tell everybody, if you're getting anything online, before you checkout, you go and you find out if there's a coupon for it somewhere. You just cut and paste and you've got a deal.

LD: It's interesting that "in these times" everyone is helping each other in ways that they can.

CE: Yes. And it's not just material goods. I'm looking online now - I'm looking at AirFrance, Amtrak, Avis Rent-a-Car. There's more than just shoes and purses. A lot of places you can save money. Hotels, too!

Give it a try. See how much you can save.