Lucky Colors & Numbers
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Are You a Yellow or a Green?
Luck Numbers, Luck Colors and Their Significance

Each luck number relates to a specific color, which reveals the person's character.

Using the right colors in our environment is essential for the harmony of our aura and improve our spiritual abilities.

Most people do not give enough importance to the colors in everyday life, but color has the ability to influence us more than we imagine: our personality, our mood, and our reactions to others and vice versa. The colors also have the ability to amplify our potential and, of course, have a great effect on our surroundings.

There are numbers of ways to calculate each person's color. The most famous one is the numerological calculation or the calculation of an individual's luck number. Calculating the luck number for a person is done by adding all the digits in the birth date.

Each number has a unique meaning and significance; Each number corresponds to a shade of a color, which give it uniqueness and harmony. Specific colors can increase or decrease stress, balance energies and feelings.

In one of my channeling communications in the past, I received a special method in which I have learned how to calculate the three luck numbers and basic colors, which are essential for the harmony of our aura and help improve our spiritual abilities.

Each person is a universe onto himself and each one has positive and negative aspects. The negative side is always reflected onto the environment, and eventually, outcomes come back to us from the environment.

The role of the three luck colors is to give us equilibrium in regard with the environment, to preserve our high level of spirituality and balance our energy. The luck colors accompany us on a daily basis, and help us succeed in all our actions and behaviors.

Each lucky number relates to a specific color, which reveals the person's character. Here, I shall describe the numbers and their characteristics in detail. Everyone can calculate their lucky numbers and have a better understanding of their personality.


Add all digits of the birth date.

Now, minimize the result number to a one digit's number. This lucky number refers to the person in question.

Example: Birthdate is 5.3.1977

Calculation: 5+3+1+9+7+7 = 32

Last step: 3+2 = 5

5 is the luck number.

In case the result is 10, the luck number will be 1+0 = 1

Our next step is to attach the relevant luck color to a specific number:

The significance of colors and numbers

Number 1: corresponds to Yellow (also gold)

People with the luck number 1 and the color yellow, are ambitious, and love to impress others. The majority of them are optimistic and generous. They like to help and assist others. They have the "joie de Vivre," cheerfulness and are able to cope in most circumstances. Such people either love the yellow color, or just hate it - but can never be indifferent to it.

Number 2: corresponds to Blue

These people love peace and tranquility around them. They have, relatively, small aspirations and are easy to satisfy. They have an inner serenity and very high spiritual abilities. They are considered somewhat selfish, because of their need to be alone occasionally. The blue color may either be favorable or hated by them, but they can never be indifferent to it.

Number 3: corresponds to Purple

People with this luck color have strong personalities. They possess mystical abilities and a very strong will power. These people are talented at convincing others about the rightness of their actions in many different ways. They have a prominent personal magnetism and create a secure and peaceful atmosphere around them. They are self confident, have a high self esteem and will do everything to gain the sympathy of others. Purple is their favorite color.

Number 4: corresponds to Red

The number 4 people are very competitive. They have the ability to succeed and to advance themselves with no support. These people have a very dominant personality and are particularly romantic in nature. They are also ardent suitors. They are strong, physically and mentally. The red color is their favorable or hated color, but they are never indifferent to it.

Number 5: corresponds to Orange

These people have a strong character, they are smart, sharp, and full of sense of humor. They are very communicative and are good listener to others. The number 5 people are very creative and will always find a brilliant solution to any problem. They are very good interlocutor to those who are under mental pressure and have the abilities to calm them. The orange color is their favorite or hated color, and they are always sensitive to it.

Number 6: corresponds to Green

Green people are conservative people that do not like extreme changes. They need to be secluded from others in order to contemplate their deep thoughts. People with the green luck color may get confused or embarrassed very quickly and it is difficult to penetrate their privacy. Any change threatens their security; however, they will not show it. The green color is their favorite or hated color, and they are always sensitive to it.

Number 7: corresponds to White, Pale Grey

Number 7 people will constantly seek protection from the outside world. These people know how to hide their feelings and do not share their thoughts with others. These people prefer to be secluded most of the time and most of their personal contacts must be profitable to them in some way. They live in two worlds most of the time. The white color is their favorite or hated color, and they are always sensitive to it.

Number 8: corresponds to Light Blue

These people have built walls around themselves. Naturally it is difficult to create a close contact with them, but those who will succeed, will find them as very good friends. The number 8 people are loyal to their friends and are always ready to help them, but they are not open for assistance and help from others. Their luck color can assist them a lot in their lives. They favor all shades of pale blue color.

No. 9: corresponds to Brown

No. 9 people are materialistic, they find security is in the earthly matters. They have a tendency to be rebellious and need to prove their rightness. Their energy level is high, and have the ability to "read" other people precisely. Their sense of humor assists them in difficult times of suffering and low energy. They like the brown color very much.