..Jon Simonds..

Archie Bunker
in the Body of Donnie the Trumpet Player
The Basically Brooklyn Series

Watching news channels these days offers an interesting parody on life. On the one hand, you have news anchors urging viewers to stand up to bullying and then you have Donald Trump illustrating the classic schoolyard bully, pummeling everyone from his own party to she who sits atop the other party.

He does all this from a pulpit now second to the highest pulpit in the world. His verbal assaults, however, are not limited to fellow politicians. This bully extends his hostility to fellow Americans, such as those in the media; Hispanics; Muslims and African Americans.

Archie Bunker has a shot at the Presidency in the body of Donnie the Trumpet Player belting out tunes succeeding in Making America Hate, Again and no one is doing a better job of dancing to the beat than the Kenosha Unified School District in Wisconsin. Kenosha voted overwhelmingly for Trump and overwhelmingly for a district rule ordering all transgender students to identify themselves by wearing bright green armbands. I wonder how many WWII veterans might be able to offer their input on badge wearing groups of people and what some of them went on to endure.

Donnie the Trumpet Player is also a big fan of the Right to Work concept adopted by several States. This gives hard working people the right to work and absolutely nothing more.

You do not have the right to paid vacations, holiday pay, company health benefits, sick time or any other perks we sometimes look for when job shopping because in States adopting the concept, the only right you have is the right to go to work, provided you have a job to go too. This has gone a long way in widening the gap between those who have more money than they know what to do with and those crawling through life from paycheck to paycheck.

Before the entire Right to Work concept came along, Trump historically illustrates another way of wealth building by hiring hordes of sub-contractors to build glittering towers knowing fully well none of these sub-contracting companies have the money or the resources to fight him in court once it becomes apparent to these small businesses, the big business has no intention of paying the bill.

This should speak volumes about Trump's own morals, but I guess (in lieu of recent poll numbers) Donnie is blowing a horn so loud, no one can hear the void of decency in this man.

People aren't alone on Donnie's hit list. Trump is not fond of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO was formed as a show of strength to counter what the Great Orator Ronald Reagan often called the Evil Empire - the Soviet Union. Trump may find this hard to believe, but Putin a dedicated high-level operative in the KGB has rebuilt the Russian military and has quite successfully moved Russia into a position illustrating a desire to reclaim all lost territory. You can bet Vlad wants nothing more than Uncle Sam to abandon NATO. In a matter of months, America may well deliver on Putin's dream.

Hilary may be the coldest fish ever to seek the highest office, but she is an experienced diplomat who understands the give and take of the game.

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